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10-17-2005, 05:49 PM
Well this weekend I winterized the boat and started cleaning it up. I spent most of Saturday winterizing and cleaning the boat. Once I was done I covered it up and cleaned myself up for the night. When I woke up Sunday I had a few of my friends come over to help me stuff the LSV into the garage. I measured the boat and trailer at its widest point - 101 inches; then I measured the garage's thinnest point - 108 inches. My driveway is a 90 degree turn into the garage, but I thought it would fit. After about 7 tries and hitting the house with the boat once, I gave up! My friend walked off while I was backing up and I ended up hitting the house. Trying not to kill him I said what happened? He replied "I only walked off for a second!" Well long story short, I have the contractor coming out to widen the garage doors from 9' to 12'; that should give me enough room to swing it in there. Meanwhile I am taking it to a friends house where I will begin polishing the tiny section that hit the house (About a 2 inch section hit the wood frame and transferred paint from the house to the boat – no damage thankfully….just one pissed off owner!). I guess I am done ranting for now, thanks for listening. Anyone else had any “boat stuffin” issues?

Dave A
10-17-2005, 06:15 PM
I have a similar problem with a 90 degree turn into the garage. I installed a $40.00 12v wench into my garage floor and bought a $30.00 car battery to run it. I recharge it with my $30.00 charger that I will use to charge my boat battery next season. I back my boat down as close as I can get it. I do pretty good after I take off the ski platform. I then hook up a tow strap to the hook on the wench and the back of my trailer. I then get my 2yr old or my 4yr old to help. One of them presses the button while I guide the boat, while continually yelling, "keep going!!" and I do mean continually.(the 4yr old is alot better than the 2yr old at keeping the button pressed) Anyhow, I take the guide poles off the trailer and it gives me about 3 inches on either side of my 9' garage door. All that for so little information. The wench was cheap and easy to mount (also protection from rolling off my driveway, down the hill and off the retaining wall, which almost happened the 2nd time I took the boat out, but that is another story). I put the boat in the garage every week, so the wench was worth the money for me. Hope this helps, if not, I'll see you on the water next season.

Any interest in going down to the Owner's Jamboree in Florida next year?

Let me know. Dave.

How do I get is out you ask?

Drive straight through the neighbors grass and out his driveway.

10-17-2005, 09:10 PM
mine is uphill, 90 degrees, gravel. 2.5 inches on each side of clearance.

After 7 seasons, have a little fender, pole, and garage door trim damage.

Wish there was enough width to have a contractor widen the opening.

10-18-2005, 09:10 AM

I think it would be a lot of fun to go to the jamboree. We are planning a trip to the gulf next year so we can go see "Thunder on the Gulf" when all the offshore racing boats will be there. There is just something about sitting on the balcony drinking beer and watching a 60' boat go screaming by. I am starting to drool...sorry. Let me know about the jamoboree and maybe we can start an Alabam caravan!

Contractor still hasn't come by the house. I think if I had a winch, I still couldn't get it in there. The angle and the grade of the driveway are just too steep. I have a 9 foot drop off on the other side of the driveway and I am too much of a wuss to uncouple the trailer. I am still praying for the contractor to be able to help.