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09-27-2005, 01:50 AM
Hello all,

I am looking into buying a 2005 Moomba Outback. This will be my second ski boat, my first being a 1998 MasterCraft SportStar. The last time I looked at Moomba was in 1998 and I was not happy with the Boomerang and opted to go with the Mastercraft, but now seeing how far the Moomba has come, I cannot ignore what a nice boat it appears to be. Also after testing out an Outback and Malibu iRide this weekend I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I was with the iRide VERY LOUD ENGINE NOISE, plus almost too fancy for a guy in his mid-twenties.

Here are my questions:

1) Will the 2005 Outback (standard model) make a good wakeboarding boat? (I am not that good, but would like something that some of my more accomplished friends can also enjoy.)

2) Will I be disappointed with the stock 310 engine? I have heard mixed reviews about a carb vs. EFI and didn't really know if EFI is needed.

3) How should I build up the wake, as I need it? (I presume Fat Sacs, but where and how big.)

4) Is Perfect Pass something I should add to a carbureted engine or is that just dumb?

5) How is the warranty? Is the engine backed by the Inmar 3 year warranty? Or is it less?

6) Are there any other boats that I should consider in this less than $30k price range?

7) Are there any other things I should know about before buying this boat? (Colors that attract alligators ;) - etc.)

Sorry for all the questions, just a big purchase.



09-27-2005, 02:14 AM
One other question is pricing. Here are the specs on the boat...

2005 Moomba Outback
CD Player with 6 speakers and remote

$26250 - (excluding tax and tag)

09-27-2005, 09:24 AM
I think I can help you with two of them:

2) Will I be disappointed with the stock 310 engine? I have heard mixed reviews about a carb vs. EFI and didn't really know if EFI is needed.

I have an LSV with the 310 Carb engine. I am completely satisfied with it. It has pulled up two deepwater slalom skiers at the same time. I am aslo a gear head and the 310 engine is very simple. Monster Holley carb and an HEI distributor. When the boat gets older I know I can fix it myself. The higher horsepower engines have a computer, injectors and sensors that just make things complicated. I prefer the simplicity of the 310 engine and I just can't see the gain in 20 to 40 horsepower. If it was 100 horsepower diference I would deffinately change my statement, but for 20 to 40 the carb is my preference. I have no starting issues and the boat idles like a dream.

4) Is Perfect Pass something I should add to a carbureted engine or is that just dumb?

I also have the perfect pass on my LSV. When I forget to turn it on is when I realize how much I like it. When you are pulling a wakeboarder/skier, you can actually watch the boarder/skier instead of studying your speedometer. It has allowed me to watch what is going on behind and in front of the boat instead of watching the speed. I couldn't live without it! I believe it is a must to really enjoy the boat. Fighting the speed is no fun. Besides that if you have perfect pass your skier/boarder can not blame the driver!!:p

09-27-2005, 03:50 PM
Jimmy, I have a 02 Outback so maybe I can help a little with this.

It's not that bad of a wakeboarding boat but you will need to put some fat sacs in. I have mine on each side of the engine box.

My stock 310 carb has run great. However I have heard that the carb uses more gas.

By all means get PP. I don't and drove a friend of mine's San and I loved it. I will never own a boat without it.

I have not had to use the warranty if that tells you anything. I put over 100 hrs on the boat this summer and have not had any problems with the boat itself. The only things that have been done to the boat mechanically is repacking the stuffing box and replacing the impeller.

Sorry, can't help you with the alligator thing.

Good luck. I can't wait to buy another moomba.

Doug, t-town

09-27-2005, 10:28 PM
Howdy all,

Well, I thank you all for your quick replies. After mulling over the Outback, I started to look at the Mobius LS. I realize it is more expensive, but when I figure the model I am looking at has a 320HP EFI, Perfect Pass, Dual Ballast tanks and a couple of other options, I feel like it is probably worth biting the bullet.

I just thought that by the time to add all that (minus the engine) to the Outback I would be most of the way to the same price I can get the Mobius for. Do any of you see this as a bad decision?

Thanks again and looking forward to becoming a Moomba owner!