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09-19-2005, 02:39 PM
Hey Guys,
Obviously new to the forum but I do know that this is generally where I can find the most informative knowledge base. And the most truthfull. As I have been reading everybody elses posts it appears we have all done some research about the other manufacturer's products, but like you guys I can't get my head around spending 15-20,000 more for a little dressier boat and there name. I currently run a bowrider which i put an aftermarket tower on and it has been fine but I have levelled out on my wakeboarding because the boat just can't take me any farther for performance or wake. My brother has a Malibu Sunsetter so I am used to that boat. I have my mind set on a Moomba but have some questions so here goes;

1. As my name depicts, I have a ton of weeds in my lake and it is shallow. I have to trim the outboard up to get out about 100ft to where it gets deeper. I have accepted the fact that I may need to figure out a way to get me out to the channel but not under the boats power. How are the boats for weedy lakes, I will have the strainer put on but would like to here feed back if they won't work in weeds.

2. I am looking at a cross-over boat, I board but the wife mostly slaloms. I am looking at the 06's and from what i am told the new hull is much improved over the previous hull design. So I am leaning towards the Mobius LS, or I will stick with the Outback.
Will this choice in boats provide me with a good enough wake(i am not looking to be a professional) for wakeboarding and yet still be a nice wake for slalom?

3. What is the actuall draft/depth to the bottom of the prop? Literally i have to stick with the 22" draft models, that 2" is a big deal for my lake.

Any information you current owners can provide me will be much aprreciated as it will help me to decide which way to go.


Wake Master
09-19-2005, 10:03 PM
I have an 04 mobius LSV and we also have weeds in our lake. They are annoying but you can put the boat in reverse to get them off the prop. If you start out with weeds on the prop you will get viberation. The boat is a good crossover boat with balast and a wakeplate Great wake for wakeboarding and if you empty the balast and adjust the wakeplate you can get a good slalom wake at about 32-33 MPH. Draft can be a problem if you have any balast. Make sure you have the strainer. If you need to use reverse in shallow water the prop kicks up the muck and the water intake pulls it in. Clean it on a regular basis and you won't have a problem. The difference between the LS and the LSV draft is 2"

james yarosz
09-20-2005, 05:47 PM
I have an 03 Outback LS and live in a shallow cove.Later in the summer when the lake get's shallower we load everyone up in the bow and idle out of the cove.Makes a big difference in draft depth.

09-21-2005, 11:43 AM
Thanks for the input guys, I like your idea about loading the bow up. Please keep the info. coming.


09-21-2005, 01:45 PM
My personal preference is the LSV. I have an 05 Mobius LSV. We board and slalom. It is amazing how the boat can go from kicking out a huge wake for boarding, then go to pretty flat for slalom skiing. I agree that you need to empty the ballast to slalom.

If you have a family or usually carry others to the lake with you, the interior of the LSV is much better. When we went to test drive last October, we were going to test out the LS and LSV. When they took the cover off of the LS, she said just cover it up.

We really love the LSV.

Good Luck.


09-21-2005, 05:45 PM

The d-drive Moombas are 22" draft, whereas the v-drives are 24" (except the XLV at 26"), so you are getting good information here on the board. You and family, coming from an i/o background, the Outback dd may be a tougher transition with the motor located in the middle of the cockpit. You may want to look closely at the Outback V (new for '06) as it opens-up the cockpit of the boat. Both the Outback and Outback V and their Mobius counterparts for 2006 are based on the previous year's LS/LSV hulls, so now there is keel line storage in all the boats (and for a phatsac depending on the Gravity ballast set-up you prefer). The Outback LS and Outback LSV, and the Mobius versions of same, are all new hulls for 2006 (longer and deeper cockpit) so...wakeboarding will be enhanced but perhaps a bit more wake at slalom speeds/unballasted.

Interesting story, we had a gentleman purchase last years' Mobius LSV. Part of his buying process was to lake test (highly recommended) and ski/board behind it. He brought along a few friends. One friend, a very good slalom skier who owns one of the "high-end" d-drive tournament boats took a few runs. I believe to his friends amazement, the v-drive wake was very "acceptable" at slalom speeds at the 30-34 mph range. There is also an interesting story on Supra's 22SSV at last years' Australian collegiate nationals and a new record for slalom being set behind it...so, don't rule out the Moomba v-drives for slalom, even skiing the course.

Sorry for all the rambling-on...but do get the strainer option for your lake and check the transmission cooler on a regular basis also. Take a good look at the Moomba v-drives with the Mobius packages. Definitely consider getting all the factory installed ballast you can, hydraulic wakeplate, PPass...best to get the options you want during production vs. after the fact. If at all possible, test drive!...and enjoy the boat buying process. PM me anytime you want to discuss directly.

Good luck and best regards,

Rick Bailey

09-22-2005, 12:56 PM
Hey guys,
Just wanted to thank you for your continued informative information. I assure you it is helping which boat we will purchase. Rick, thanks for the detailed information I don't mind the rambling. I am hoping to test drive the boats before the summer is out but infortunately it has been and continues to be an extremely hectic summer for me and the nearest dealer is 3 hours away making it tough to get up for one. Obviously making this forum high on the list to determine which model will suit us better. I don't think the d drive will bother us, as mentioned were are used to it in my brothers boat and that 2" inch difference unfortunately does make a difference. I will be in contact with you, thanks for the offer.