View Full Version : POP Yachts (FL)????

10-11-2012, 12:02 PM
Have any of you guys heard of this place/website out of Florida!?

Someone from POP (Paid On Performance) Yachts sent me a couple emails wanting to list my boat on their sites. Seems legit with website, names, landlines, fax, photos, and I even noticed a boat for sale on their website from around my neck of the woods, but listed for 4k more than he had it listed.

They say you give them the bottom dollar you want then they add a 10% fee on top of that (plus a little more), if they sell it they pay you what you wanted and pocket the profit. They send someone to come take their own pictures of the boat for their listings. Also, if you end up selling it before they do, you owe them nothing...

I'm just curious if anybody has heard of and/or dealt with these people!?