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08-03-2005, 03:36 PM
My family of 5 loves to go to the lake together. My wife and I ski and the kids ( too young to ski) enjoy riding on the tube. What do you guys do with the tube when you want to ski again?

The tube is too big for anyplace on the boat, and I don't want to inflate and deflate it each time. Someone recommend that I just tow the tube on a short rope while skiing but with no weight on the back of the tube it creates a lot of drag.

I know you don't want to admit you use the tube, but with a young family it is a necessary evil :) .


08-03-2005, 04:07 PM
Ok yeah I have kids too and yes I gotta pull on of those buggers once in a while, Not that I ever get on it! Tubes are brutal, I'd rather take my beating on a wakeboard!

Anyway, On my old d-drive I would tie the tube directly to the bar at the rear of the boat which would place the tube on the platform. Once you are on plane the tube doesn't even touch the water.

I have a v-drive now, I have not had to put the tube on back yet. The v-drive doesn't have that same bar at the rear of the boat. I think a guy could tie the tube to the post in front of the engine on a v-drive.

Basically if you keep the tube right at the rear of the boat on the platform it should work.

08-03-2005, 04:40 PM
Hello, my name is Dave and I pull a tube behind my tournament ski boat. It has been 4 days since I last had a tube.

Here are some of the things we have tried.

1. Leave the tube in the SUV at the landing and get the skiing in first and come back and get the tube when finished and the lake is busy.
2. I have a v-drive so I tied a short loop in the tube rope that I can attach to the pylon and and let the tube rest behind the engine with one end on top of the swim platform.
3. I have a bimini and thought about putting the tube on top of the bimini with bunge cords over it. The people in my support group applaud my willingness to come forward with my condition but think putting it up for everyone to see may be going a bit too far.
4. Sometimes, we "accidentally" forget the tube at home.

08-03-2005, 04:49 PM
First, I try to tell the kids I left it on the back patio.

If they gripe enough before we leave, I have put the damm thing up on top of the binimi and use straps on it. It does not weigh much when it is dry.

Doug, t-town

08-08-2005, 01:59 AM
I put the tubes upstairs. I have a 98 Mobius with a solid frame bimini and I wedge one tube between the bimini and the top of the tower and another tube on the top of the tower tied to the other tube in the front (tower sandwich sorta speaking). If I get too much rubbing I have to take off the top tube and put it in the front.