View Full Version : Help needed from my USA neighbours!!!!

09-10-2012, 01:38 PM
I need a hugggeeeee favour from someone in the States, I need wakeboard rack replacements rubber.
The closest dealer (2) is a province away or 12 hour drive and they cant order that part, the other one can but have to include the rubber in their regular order and this time of year would be timely and shipping would be like 60$.

I place an order with McMaster-Carr, paid for the parts and received an email saying that they couldnt ship to Canada as it was a huge hassle?????

I received stuff from the states almost weekly and ships stuff everywhere and never had any problems.

To resolve the problem I would need someone to ship the inserts to canada. I would pay the parts and pay for shipping here and even for your problem. I really need those inserts as they are done and cracked and chipping the hell out of my boards.

The boat is a 03' Moomba LSV with the Macko industries rack, of course Macko is not in business anymore. Inserts has to be at least 36 inches long and fit into a 5/16 inch channel. I read somewhere that DIYwake inserts wont fit.

Part with McMaster-Carr is:
Part # 9700K19
Buna-N-Square o-Ring cord stock, 5/16" Fractional Size, .313" actual size