View Full Version : 97 Moomba Boom.

07-31-2005, 12:55 AM

First time posting , so be kind. Just returned from Lake Shasta, CA. I'm the original owner of a 97 Boomarang, no fills. I've had problems with porpising from day one and had to distribute load evenly, including pasangers. I've skied behind several tow boats, but the Moomba Boom's wake (boarding and slolam) has kept me an owner all these years.

Before the trip, I installed a set of 12x12 hydraulic trim tabs, hoping to manage nose and list. The boat performed the same as the original test drive (2 people and a 1/4 tank of gas!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was able to control the nose and list (plane the boat) when a 270 lb person was sitting in the left rear corner of the boat.

If you are an Boom. owner, this mod entices the performance of this boat.

A++++++++++++++ mod.

Take care.

JP:) :) :p ;)