View Full Version : hey new lsv owners-bag for sale

08-24-2012, 04:58 PM
so with all the new lsv's popping up on the forums, I thought someone might be able to take this off my hands. it's a fly-hi ballast sack that would work amazingly under the middle seats in front of the rear bags for that surfwave that will send you to the moon :)

this bag has been used 2x and is basically brand new. bought it and ended up not needing it in the new boat.

as you can see from the link, it has a wakemakers retail of $169 and I think we end up getting 10% off, so that nets it down to $152.

your amazing price is $120 shipped to your front door(as long as you live in the continential us-sorry canadian partners).. that's a savings of $32 off on a basically brand new bag..

pm for paypal info or if you want to send a check fine as well..

here's a link to the exact bag for sale, and will come in the original box..