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07-27-2005, 05:42 PM
Hello friends. I need help again. Now that I've learned to get up on one ski and ride around on the lake for a while, I've started running the slalom course. At least I'm trying to. My problem is that I don't think I'm generating enough speed before the first wake and I seem to loose my balance a little over both wakes which messes up my rythm. I feel that I'm not turning quick enough either. I removed the foil from my ski and it seems to help with my speed but I just don't seem to be digging in like I should. I have not yet reached the level of running the entire course long line. The course on my lake also has what is referred to as the "inner course"- heeheehee- and I can do that. It's kind of like shooting par from the ladies tees but hey, you gotta start somewhere. Thanks again for your advice,


07-28-2005, 01:14 AM
Couple of pointers:

1. Do not use long line. Start with 15 off. It is legal in competition to start at 15 off at lower speeds. They just treat it like long line and your 36 mph pass counts as two passes. You will not feel so slow and will not get as much slack.

2. Watch a lot of video of the pros and of yourself. But also take some video of someone you know who can make the course but is not a pro. Study that as well. Running the course at 22 off is a lot different than at 38 off (I think so anyhow)

3. Read on net and mags about the right way to ski and visulaize it - a lot

4. The most common mistake that most new slalom skiers I have dealt with is that they lean back in order to turn. I used to do it so bad that I would hit the ski on the rope as I brought it around. This causes you to sink and then you get popped up/forward and are standing up by the time you get to the first wake, which leads to getting bounced pretty hard instead of cutting through the wake. A common sign of this is if you feel your hands coming up high by your upper chest/throat, or in severe cases over your head. If you watch the pros they do get on the back of their ski sometimes, but it is normally after the turn when they are trying to accelerate. They are not leaning back, but the ski does ride high in the water. REmember that good turn has both feet in the water going into the turn.

5. Give it some time. If you are getting frustrated in the course - get out of the course for a while and do some free skiing. Constant failure is demoralizing.

6. If you have not started pulling after the turnn then you will not get the acceleration you need. There is a lot to be said about when to start pulling and how long to hold it, but bottom line is as you bring the ski around the turn, when you pull the handle into your stomach/hips you will feel acceleration.


07-28-2005, 04:34 PM
Bryan, Buy Gordon Rathbun's "12 Slalom Drills" video. I have yet to find anyone explain or show how to do this better. Work hard on the lean drills and proper body position. Then it's just a matter of timing until you are whipping cross course in good enough position to run the course. Good luck. You have embarked on a never-ending journey.