View Full Version : Raleigh Boat Show

08-18-2012, 11:08 AM
One of the Raleigh, NC boat shows is going on this weekend at the NC Fairgrounds. I stopped by yesterday to check things out. Had a pretty good collection of boats. There was a Tige Z3, and Epic 23V, and a MB Tomcat 21. I had never seen a MB before, so that was a first, and I had never been inside an Epic, so that was cool. Z3 seems like a nice boat, but expensive. Stopped by the White Lake booth and chatted with them for a bit. They have a Nautique G23 there, and wow, that thing is HUGE! I joked with them about parking it next to a 2012 Mobius LSV, it looked tiny next to the G23. I asked why they didn't bring the Mojo and put next to it, but they had recently sold the one they had. The G23 is a super nice boat, and there are storage compartments and cubby holes everywhere. The price is just killer though, they said that one was around $115k! I could buy three Mombas for that. It is a really nice boat, and I hope it does well for Nautique. I am sure some of its idea will trickle through the market soon.