View Full Version : Recomendations on a new board?

08-14-2012, 12:59 PM
Okay, I'm a newish surfer with a 12 year old son that is light and loves it. I weigh 190, he's just under 100. I have a Grindwater 5'6" Mauka board. I bought it to learn on and because I had a DD Moomba OB LS we were trying to surf on with a small wave. We still like the board, but recently upgraded the boat to a big v drive with lots of ballast and I think we can go to a smaller board. Looking for something I can still free ride on but that might be a little more fun and hopefully one that me and my son can both use.

This weekend I tried a Hyperlite Broadcast 5'6" board. I found it to feel very different. It seemed very sensitive to where I put my feet but when I finally got it right, it had a ton of push, but when it was just a little off, nothing. I also tried a Ronix One 4'4" size and liked it okay. I could only go ropeless for a minute or two before I'd lose it. My son really liked that board. I was thinking possibly of buying the Ronix One in the 4'10" size that perhaps both of us could use, but wondering what else is out there? I don't really know what the difference is between skim and surf style or what all that means, but I think the board we have now is surf style (looks like a surf board anyway) and I understand the Ronix One is skim. Any suggestions? Is it possible to get one board that both me and my son will like or should I bite hte bullet and buy two? Also, any sites out there have closeouts on great boards? I hear great things about Phase 5 but don't understand how or why they are different, and see they are 6-8 hundred bucks!!! Ouch! Thx.

08-14-2012, 02:40 PM
If you both really want to progress, you each need your own boards as there is just too much of a differential between the two of you.

For him, look to LakeWakes. Best bang for your (his) buck. For you, the boards are spendy. Try a few different ones, if you can. Decide first surf or skim. Go from there.