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08-06-2012, 10:05 AM
Hey yall, what was the deal with the chrome MOOMBA lettering? Was there ever a resolve? Is this something that would be better left to my dealership?


08-06-2012, 10:09 AM
Lets talk about it at the Texas Jam this weekend...you are coming arent you!?!?!

08-06-2012, 10:16 AM
LOL... I wish. Not in the budget right now I am afraid. About to give my dealership about 2000.00 :( Yall have fun without me.

08-06-2012, 11:11 AM
If you are talking about the aftermarket buy, most of us didn't get a good result with the largest letters but Brandon's looked great. If you are a good installer or know someone I have a brand new set for the 2 sides plus the XLSV logos for the rear sides you can use to get your LS in chrome too. Would sell pretty cheap.

08-06-2012, 11:52 AM
Kane... weren't they "dented" something? I couldn't find the original deal on those. Thinking of just maybe having Dallas ski do it.

08-06-2012, 11:58 AM
I ordered mine thru Cyndi at Atlanta Marine (through a group buy hookup from Drew) They go on pretty easy once you know where you want to put them...

08-06-2012, 12:14 PM
Kane... weren't they "dented" something? I couldn't find the original deal on those. Thinking of just maybe having Dallas ski do it.

Unless you are a real good installer or have one to do it the large letters get air bubbles behind them and it makes them look bumpy instead of smooth. I just kind of threw in the towel after my install attempt. The company sent me a replacement set so I still have a full new set for each side. For about half what dealer ones cost you can have a set of chrome letters. I would recommend a pro installer though. Otherwise, maybe try Atlanta Marine for a price on the OEM ones although a few guys have had issues with those letters too -- different issues but if you have a problem while installing yourself they will be hard to return.

08-06-2012, 12:31 PM
Hmmm.. .ok, thanks for the advice. Sounds like something I would screw up.

08-06-2012, 01:02 PM
I too have a set of the non-OEM letters for cheap. I ended up ordering the OEM letters to replace my original OEM letters that had come off in places. I installed the new OEM letters myself and no issues so far... fingers crossed. I did add a chrome tribal graphic under the MOOMBA lettering and have had numerous compliments on how shape the boat looks, which is way more than I got when it had just the original lettering... anyway...

08-06-2012, 01:22 PM
Have you posted any pics of the new look????

08-09-2012, 09:55 AM
Does anyone have an OEM "M" they want to get rid of??
New or used, don't matter to me. Just want to fix this. Thats all. http://img.tapatalk.com/d15b6bae-c10c-fb96.jpg Thanks!

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08-09-2012, 10:30 AM
Any of you guys have have the aftermarket set for sale, PM me a price. If I keep the boat i'd like to ditch the mobius graphic. Hopefully my installer wont screw them up:D