View Full Version : Retrofitting a Hydraulic Wakeplate??? Questions...

07-18-2005, 01:03 AM
Hello everyone.

I frequent the Supra board and have posted there on this subject with little help. This board seems to have a bigger following so maybe someone here could help me out.

I am thinking about retrofitting a hydraulic wakeplate onto my '92 Mariah. It has the manually adjustable one, but i would like to be able to adjust it on the fly.

Has anyone done this to an older boat? If so, did it noticebly inprove the boat?

I would like to put one of these on my boat, mainly just to adjust the boats attitide to smooth out the ride in rough water. I would see the ability to tune the wake only as an added bonus because i cant board too much any more due to arthritis in my knees (at age 25, can you beleive that?)

Are they fairly effective at adjusting the boats attitude and ride quality?

Who supplies the plates to Supra and what is the cost to buy one from a dealer?

Overton's has one on their website by Bennett Marine (bigtime mfr of trim tabs). It is out of stock and it is not listed on Bennett's website, so i am assuming that it has been discontinued.

Would I get alot more control over the boat by using standard trim tabs?

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions, or ideas would be greatly appreciated.