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07-17-2005, 12:48 PM
I ordered my mobius lsv may 16th. yesterday finally came, you may think that iīm the happiest man in earth but.....NO sadly, when the crane was lifting the boat from the truck the wake plate hit the truck braking the little "thing" that holds the actuator with te plate, no biggie i can fix it, next the tower was facing foward instead backward, no biggie eaither, when got open the engine compartment i discovered that the cover of the carburator was lose, no problem i screw it, when i was chekig all the instruments the stereo remote just stop working, electrical problems i wonīt put my hand near it then i tried to mount the bimini when discover that no mounts at the tower and no where near, i didnīt recive the mounts, then i tried the racks, sadly just one arrive and with one clamp that wont match, i mean the clamp that fits at the rack itīs fine but the other clamp seem to be (shape) the one that holds the bimini, i been raeding this board since january when my "great" idea of geting a boat was born, i thought that so many times that people reports stabing with the seat wonīt repeat with mine, guess what.... i got stabed in mi heel and the seat got broke, all this at the firs 5 hours from recibed the bout and i vahenīt take it to the water, so no bimini, no racks, no wake plate, no remote, seat broken, heel stabed and strange but very happy with the boat itīs awsome.

The dealer its looking for the answers to all this problems, you may not understand why everything was unpack, the reason is that i live at la paz city, near los cabos in the baja, and there is to ways to get here, one driving from tijuana along the baja peninsula (18 hrs drive) and the other is by ferry, the ferry is the cheapest, saftety and fastest way that is why everything had to be packed to make the boat fit in a truck.

At the end i just want to add that i donīt think that a 43,000 USD. has so many problems, just think about it, i canīt use it with the wake plate broken, here the sun burns to kill, that means that no bimini, no boating the best part is that thanks to mexican bureaucracy, i may recibe the spares next month if i got lucky.


Simon Marchina

07-17-2005, 01:42 PM
Hi Simon,

sorry to hear that. I got my XLV delivered 10 days ago. Everything was fine beside some small details that my dealer is taking care of. Hope you'll be able to resolve these issues asap to finally enjoy your boat !

Markus (Switzerland)