View Full Version : '06 Outback V Fuel pump issue

07-13-2012, 11:03 AM
I have an '06 Outback V with a 325 Assault MPI. At the beginning of this season I was having an issue with the engine starving for fuel at hole shot and high RPM. It was acting like a plugged fuel filter which was replaced only 50 hours ago.
I replaced the inline filter and the boat acted the same way. I thought it had to be the fuel pump was failing. Last night when I took the fuel pump off the engine I noticed a small piece of rubber hanging out of the intake side of the pump. I dug it out and discovered a small screen filter in the intake of the fuel pump that was almost complete plugged with small bits of rubber.
The fuel pump is a short distance from the inline filter connected with 1/2" hose about 3 feet long. The good news is I don't have to replace the fuel pump because cleaning the filter in the pump has solved the problem. I am replacing the black rubber fuel hose because it is obvously deteriorating.

My concern is why the hose would start to break down? Is it the type of fuel I am using?
Very happy that $20 of hose will solve our problem but want to avoid it in the future .

By the way we love the Moomba...just wish the season was longer in Western Canada to use it.