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07-07-2012, 07:00 AM
I recently purchased an 06 Mobius LSV with the stock gravity system (275# in the rear lockers and 400# in the centre). I took it out for the first run the other day, even though it is the middle of winter down here in Australia! I have read all the posts I could find on the best wakeboard ballast setup for the LSV. We wakeboard 95% of the time and most of the crew are at the intermediate level. If I move the 275# bags up under the front seats, is it the general consensus that the 750's will still be too much in the rear lockers? I also have a 580lb fat seat left over from my last boat. I am fairly keen on two 750# bags from wakemakers as they seem to be the best value for money, but would I be better off wake wise with say something a little smaller like the straight line Big Bag 540lb bags in the rear locker? Has anyone used these bags, and if so what is the quality like?
In summary, wondering which way to go?

1 x new 580lb fat seat and put the 580lb fat seats in the rear lockers (providing they fit), existing 400lb in the ski locker, and the 2 x 275lb bags under the front seats.
2 x new 750lb fat sacs for the rear lockers, existing 400lb in the ski locker, and the 2 x 275lb under the front seats, and possibly my 580lb fat seat on top of the front seats if required.
2 x new straight line big bag 540lbs fat sacs for the rear lockers, existing 400lb in the ski locker, and the 2 x 275lb under the front seats

Clear as mud?

07-07-2012, 09:31 AM
Yep. Clear as mud.

Go with 750's in the rear lockers. If you think you might like to try surfing and have a regular footed crew, grab a 370 tube to put under the port seats after you cut out the cooler. The 1,100's will also fit in the lockers, too if you want to go bigger. I like the idea up front, but prefer the IBS so you're only messing with one bag vs multiple ones. Load the ski locker up with the biggest one you can squeeze in there.

Have fun!

07-07-2012, 10:15 AM
Wolfman is right on the money but here is a couple other options as well.

You can run 750s in the rear and you will need at least 600 to 1000 up front of you ever want to plane the boat. It cant handle 1500 in the rear and only 400-600 up front.

If you choose 750s in the rear you will absolutly have to have the 400 in the ski locker and both 275s up front.

Another route to go is Straight line < Sumo > bags, im running these in my boat and they are every bit as good as a Flyhigh. The biggest differece is the material they are made with is slightly thinner then Flyhigh. IMO Flyhigh is a bit over engineered and the extra thickness of there bags makes then harder to fold and store if your not using them. Sumo bags fold much easier and you can store them in tighter places.

If you want bags for under the seats in the cabin, as Wolfman mentioned, there his option as well as the Sumo 450, its made to fit under the rear seats. Im running 2 of them myself and they fit perfectly on the dirvers side, you only get about 1/2 under the port side unless you cut your cooler out.

No matter what you decide you will need at a very least the Wakeboard 14x14 style props from Acme or OJ. Even with a wake board prop your going to find you have to put the wake plate down <flat> to plane then you can adjust it up to make the wave even bigger.

Also i can tell you from the experience of a 10 year wake board vet <by best bro> 750s in the rear and 1000 up front is a scary huge wave, he only asked for that once and when he did crash he ruptured his ear drum because he was so high off the wake.

I just bought a new prop and its got even more power then a Wakeboard prop, i just recall the size, ill look and get back with you if your looking for a larger prop.

Spencer at Wake Makers refers to my prop as the Diesel of props.

07-07-2012, 06:22 PM
Thanks for the responses guys. It looks like the 750's then. I agree, Drew that the IBS is heaps easier than messing with the two 275s. It's just a budget thing as to do the upgrade I already need to rip the existing ballast system out and start from scratch. By the time I do that + a wake/surf prop my negotiating skills with my dear wife wife will be pushed to the limit. The upgrade is a little way off as I have a house to finish building first, however, I will be sure to post up the plans and pics of the boat and project once I'm done. Thanks again guys, and if anyone knows which prop is the best option that would be great.

07-08-2012, 01:00 AM
Have her fill the bags in the bow a few times on her own with the tsunami pump while you're "fixing something" in the rear lockers/engine. I bet ya the budget loosens up and an IBS will be heading your way. :)

I like to "negotiate."

For that boat, a lot of folks like the 1433 or 1847 from ACME.

07-08-2012, 06:40 AM
Ha Ha Ha. I could use some of your "negotiating" skills. Will look into the props. Any negotiating tips for that one?

07-08-2012, 08:07 AM
Spare prop negotiation is easy. Next time out, you need to get her to notice that "strange vibration" coming from the boat. That leads to a conversation about how you thought you might have run over a stick and how you have read that even a small ding in the prop and the resulting vibration can lead to MAJOR COSTLY repairs. So, the really smart thing would be to get a new one on the boat ASAP to avoid further damage. Then tell her you learned the old one can be repaired for cheap and relay how great it will be to have a spare.

07-08-2012, 03:03 PM
Ha Ha. No wonder you own a Mojo, Great Master.