View Full Version : 99 Outback 5.7 Indmar Starting problems on vacation need help quick

06-25-2012, 11:46 PM
Bought a 99 Outback 3 years ago never had a problem take it out this weekend for a week long vacation to table Rock Lake in MO. I am 3 days in and have had something new to fix on sunday and monday and now cant get the starter to turn over at all. First Saturday the ignition switch spun and the key was doing a complete circle then the fuel pump went out (which I had been having cut out problems about a week ago) I then got that fixed now but I had to find the right spot for the contacts to turn the starter then pull it back to make the starter stop without turning it to the off position. Later in the day I had a friend pull me wakeboarding and he started the boat and forgot to bring the ignition back to the on position and left it on start while the engine was running which fried the starter. Went and got a new starter with the solenoid and the first time I went to start it the solenoid just clicked (once) (brand new starter) 2nd try fired right up. Later in the day we stoped to swim and went to restart it and just clicked (1 click), tried about 20 times finally got it restarted after was already being pulled in then ran all the way back to the dock and got in and now I cant get anything to go just 1 click out of the solenoid. I have power to everything good ground good batteries power to the solenoid but when I try to turn it over I am not getting any power to the starter. I had the solenoid and starter (which I bought today) retested at O'Reilly.

06-26-2012, 05:50 PM
I have had a few of these problems and they were all related, but I am not sure what the current issue is.

In my boat, I have had the loose ignition switch problem, and the whole thing just spins around. Eventually it will work one of the wires loose on the back of the switch, usually the fuel pump wire. (I could tell this since the pump would not come on when the key was turned.) I have had the wire pop off when driving double ups too.

The only other thing I can think of is to check and make sure the boat is not in gear. That is exactly how it acts when trying to start the boat while not in neutral. Everything powers up, fuel pump runs, and then starter will not turn. Had this a couple of weeks ago when my wife was driving.