View Full Version : Nav/Anc Switch maxes out gauges Help! Please!

06-24-2012, 11:31 PM
Hello all,

Hate for my first post to be about a problem, but unfortunately I need some help

Situation: Boat (07 Mobius LS) stored for 2 years, improperly winterized but never in extreme temps (always stored inside) - Put in a new battery, larger than stock for this summer's use.

I've had a few small issues with the boat, but everything on the boat functions perfectly, except for two things.... The nav/anc rocker switch functions normally in "Anchor" mode only, but when pushed up into nav/anc position, all the gauges (except RPM/Speedos) max out and the hour meeter goes blank. The nav and anchor light DO function however, but I am afraid to leave the nav lights on due to the gauge issue.

Aside from that issue, everything on the boat works flawlessly.

I also noticed this weekend that the gauge backlights were not working at all, except for when you have the nav/anc lights ON, (gauges still maxed out) and only then did the wake plate gauge backlight function. (hour meeter light works until you turn the nav lights on when the whole thing dies as described earlier)

I've check the battery connections, in line breaker from the battery, and all of the connections under the dash. Behind all the gauges I saw nothing "loose" or "missing," no connectors hanging, etc...

*I did find one k-lock nut on the floor under the dash and have traced it to one of the speedos - did not have a wire attached to it and I have not yet put it back on, figured it was likely not the issue and the nut did not fall out until after this all started.

If anyone has any insight or has experienced similar issues please let me know! The best water here in NOVA is only available in the evenings so I need my nav lights and my boat acting normal!

Thanks all

06-25-2012, 11:06 PM
Fixed it.

Tightened as many ground connections as I could under the dash, sorted out all the issues.

06-26-2012, 03:13 AM
Nice when it's the simple things huh! Although the hours spent figuring out it's something simple can be quite trying...