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06-22-2012, 09:27 AM
I finally pulled the trigger on a pair of Pro 80s and will be replacing my Kickers this weekend. While I am playing with the stereo, I thought I would compare decibel readings between the setups at max rope length to justify my upgrade. I realize that accoustics may be the biggest difference, and that may only be measurable to my ears, and not truly quantifiable. Are there any other measurements or specs I can check on? Is anyone interested in any information while I am at it?

The amp will remain the same. Kicker 350.4 will go from 60 x 4 to 172 x 2.

06-22-2012, 11:52 AM
not sure which kickers you are replacing. if it's a set of 6.5 coax'es, then that's like comparing apples to oranges and totally irrelavent data as they are designed for different uses. now if it's the kicker hlcd setup, that would be somewhat more relavent, but there are way too many variables to make it an objective comparison.

I'm betting money that you will be very pleased with the outcome. they are very nice speakers :)

06-22-2012, 02:04 PM
:) I am excited.

Yes, it is just the Kicker co-ax's that I am replacing, but I don't know what to expect. So I guess I was thinking worst case scenario, the loudness difference will be measureable.

06-22-2012, 02:06 PM
To elaborate, the Kickers did throw back to the rider for us for several years, so I don't really know how much more the Pro 80's will do, other than my expectation of them being more musical. If they are that much louder, I will be a very happy customer!!! (Obviously that's the hope, but I until you hook them up to your boat, your amp, you never know)

06-22-2012, 03:14 PM
you will not be disappointed in the upgrade. that's a substantial change in both audible music and the volume at which the rider will hear...


06-22-2012, 08:02 PM
It is truly an apples to oranges, kinda like comparing the acceleration of the old Suburban to the new Camaro. Especially if you measured the Kickers with the amp in 4 chnl mode delivering 60 x 4 and then the HLCDs with the amp in 2 chnl mode delivering 175 x 2. Id love to see the results with the Kickers bridged receiving the same 175.

If you are after a specific wake-board speaker, then yes, you will be happy with the upgrade. If you are seeking a more musical speaker, then you may not be as happy.

06-23-2012, 01:03 PM
So my wife surprised me by splitting work early yesterday, so what was going to be a nerdy Saturday project turned into a quick swap out. Needless to say, we had a blast last evening with our new setup. I know it is Apples to Oranges, but I also know that several others on here will find themselves in my position over the year, and I just wanted to contribute to the decision of upgrading or not. Despite any lack of measureable difference, the wife and I are def happy that we upgraded.