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06-21-2012, 08:35 PM
Is it just my settings or is the wakeboard/wakskate forum different when viewing? What I mean is all other forums put the newest and latest posts on top where the wake board does not and you have to scroll through to find new topics.

If this is just my settings how can I get it like the other boards with the new topics on top?


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New Guy
06-25-2012, 02:06 PM
Same for me there is something screwed up with it.

06-25-2012, 02:34 PM
Wonder if you accidentally clicked to sort by one of the columns in the blue bar across the top that has the column titles (TITLE/THREAD STARTER - REPLIES/VIEWS - LAST POST BY). Clicking a title sorts the page by that column either ascending or descending. Not sure if the forum remembers this view as your "preference" but it may.

06-25-2012, 03:51 PM
I think it's that the default frequency is set to last 1 day which creates a problem of threads not showing up by default here considering that the threads usually go several days without replies. It would be nice it this could get set to a time range that would fill up a page of threads. Any chance the admins can help out with this?

06-25-2012, 03:52 PM
And the order is set to sort by title and not recent replies...

I think we would see some more action here if these were changed.

06-25-2012, 05:46 PM
same here.. i think bhowell is right..those threads only last about a day and then they disapear