View Full Version : Ballast switch wiring

06-20-2012, 12:38 AM
I'm installing a new ballast switch to control my IBS. I'm using a sprinkler valve so that I don't have to deal with vented loops and I'm not that concerned with fill time. Also using a dedicated pump. My question is: do I need to separately fuse-protect the sprinkler valve, or is the fused power wire coming into the switch enough? So the one fuse would be covering both the sprinkler valve and the fill pump?

06-29-2012, 10:20 AM
So I got my IBS drain pumps wired and plumbed. I used a new switch from wakemakers and put it in the far right spot on the main switch panel, where the acc switch was. Like many have described here, the wiring diagram/instructions from wakemakers were backwards, meaning the drain pumps and fill pump spades are reversed. So I got that corrected. I have two T800's, on on each leg, for the drain pumps, each draining to new thru-hulls on each side of the boat. I have the fill pump hose and wiring run under the floor, so I just need to install the fill pump. I'm going to put a T on the stock intake, using the stock pump to fill the center sac, and a new T800 pump to fill the IBS. Then my goal is to drill a new intake on the port side of the bilge and have two T1200's, one for each of the rear sacs.