View Full Version : FH fat seat

06-16-2012, 03:28 PM
soo im going to pull the trigger and keep the boat a little longer and throw a fly high fat seat in the back ( almost 1100-1500 lbs full) im looking around found two on craigslist..one is the older one from a few years back for 150$ and the other is 200$ and new in box, and with the new one the guy wont send me pics for some odd reason..sounds like hes holding back idk why ha..is there any bracing i need to do or just throw it in and pump it up..also, im still trying to figure out the easiest way to drain it

06-17-2012, 09:24 AM
I have a fat seat for my 05 outback. I run it under the seat. when I have people on the boat I keep the seat down and fill as much as i can. when its only 2 or 3 I raise to sun deck position and fill full. I fill from the top and drain from the top with a tsunami pump. when i drain I have to press the pump down to suck the water then once its about empty I pull the sack up and pul otto plug and drain the rest over the side. I can get it half full with seat down.