View Full Version : Anybody here ride/ridden the Factor or Factory PCX

06-12-2012, 04:34 PM
Looking to gain some insight on that board. Have read some good things on it, and I have also spoke to Mitch from wake9.com about the board and ordered one today.

But looking to see if any of my fellow Moomba owners have ridden this board and what their thoughts were. I was also looking at the Phase 5's but didn't want to shell out the money at this point in time.

My main problem is that I currently ride a Grindwater Slaysh. It is the only board I have ever ridden behind a boat. I surfed ocean waves for 15 years before moving to South Dakota and now I can surf again. But this Slaysh seems really slow, wants to pearl all the time.

Last weekend our wave was the best it ever was and I was finally doing some carving of the wave but if I fall to far back I can't pump this board at all. My research on the interwebs shows that this board is historically slow so I want to change it up. Best part was though I was able to do a couple of 180's but would lose so much speed.

So the last couple of days I have researched a bunch of skim style boards. Based on my surfing experience, Mitch recommended the Victoria Factor in the 50" for my height and build. I really hope I am not let down.

06-20-2012, 02:33 PM
Got My Victoria Factor 52" last Saturday, have not had a chance to get out on it yet, but will be camping at Angostura Reservoir this weekend so three full days days of Surfing.

This thing is super light, love the traction pads, supposed to be one of the fastest boards out there for skim style. Looking at the difference between the Slaysh and this board the speed difference is obvious. Didn't opt for the Factor PCX as I don't feel we need the Carbon Fiber stiffness to the board for launches.

The Grindwater Slaysh will be a good board for the other's on our boat to learn on.

Will give a report of my thoughts on this board next week. Thanks to Mitch at www.calmarinesports.com (http://www.calmarinesports.com) for the recommendation and hookup on this ride.