View Full Version : Had a chat with the law!

07-05-2005, 09:48 AM
While out the other day, the lake patrol stopped by for a little chat. I was legal, so they didn't have any issues, but I took the chance to ask a few questions. I asked them what their take on surfing was since I have heard that some of the enforcement guys think that surfing that close is reckless endangerment. They said that as long as I was using a boat like mine and not on plane, they didn't have a problem with it. Now, that being said, he also told me that there has been nothing handed down from above, and if there ever was, they would have to abide, naturally.

I also asked about the side entry jet pilot vest and others like them which they called "outlaws". I was told that you could be ticketed for those on Corp lakes while doing some watersports as they are not USCG approved. When I asked them, they said that they can be used but do not count towards your overall "approved pfd's" for inspection.

Overall, these guys were cool and didn't mind the questions. This was in Texas near Dallas so, application is a matter of location.


07-05-2005, 02:33 PM
Sounds familiar. Last year i was stopped twice. once by coast guard and once by DNR. And what do you know since March I have been pulled over twice and my brother was pulled over once. It was to do just standard checks. Everyone of them I was legal kind of. We had 5 PFDs. Coast Guard person said letme see two of them. So of course i dont hand him my two NONCGA vests. Lucky to get by with that one. I ski near Baltimore in a river where not many people wakeboard. So it catches a lot of attention. But when i ski down near Annapolis Maryland doesnt catch much attention because every other boat is wakeboarding. Its kinda weird. Sorry just wanted to tell my story. And these Coast Guard and DNR are not very friendly with a boat loaded of 19-21 year old "kids"