View Full Version : Upgrading Trailer Rims

06-04-2012, 08:15 PM
Our stock 6on5.5 15" steelies on our single axle trailer are about to rust apart so its time to upgrade to some black aluminum ones and make it look even better!

Anyone have experience with what backspacing to go with? or the biggest tire/rim combo that will fit inside the wheel well? (I'm not sure of the backspacing on the stock rims, except they have 0 offset) Anyone have a custom trailer with wheels/tires from boatmate and could give their size?

I'm looking at these rims... I think some members may have them. I'd like to get a bigger tire/rim than 225/75/15, prefer a mud tire and 18 to match my rig but it is not necessary :]

http://customtrailerwheels.com/product-info.php?15_Aluminum_Ion_Black_Trailer_Wheel_6_Hol e-pid125.html

Cheers and TIA - Alex