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06-02-2012, 01:43 AM
We finally got to load up the factory ballast on my buddys Mojo tonight. At 22.5 the wake was perfect. Narrow, with a lot of popwith a nice lip. Very easy to clear for a beginner too. I am very impressed with the wake. It was very similar to my XLV just a little more consistent. He has more ballast coming too so it will be even better. I sure wish that SC has shown more of the wake because it's really a nice wake. I can't wait to ride it again.

Oh ya I bet my buddy he couldn't stick a back roll on his first run on his first jump on his new boat. He was happy to collect his $20! Great day.

New Guy
06-02-2012, 09:17 AM
Nice if you can get some pictures next time out that would be awesome. I am really considering picking one up over winter.

06-02-2012, 10:25 AM
Hey buddy. I think my tablet is broken Bc I am not seeing the pictures! Is this happening to anyone else?? ;)

How are you liking your X30??

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06-02-2012, 10:57 AM
We didn't snap a single pic, sorry. Riding is still a little rusty and all we had was cell phones. But we all really liked the wake. Huge pop, and narrow. Pics next time for sure.

Waterbull, we are loving the X-30. Got a chance to do some riding. Wakeboard wake is very different then my XLV was. A little more mellow, wider and much cleaner at all speed and really far back (A bit Malibu-ish). Basically a totally different wake. We still are waiting on some extra ballast we ordered which will make it even better. I find it has less of that vertical kick (until we get the extar 1500lbs in the rear), but is a very smooth take off and doesn't wash out. You can charge it really hard and the take off is clean and smooth, great for doing spins and air's inot the flats.

Sorf wave is best I have ridden (although we haven't rode the Mojo). With just 300 factory lbs in the rear and 400 up front the wake is much much longer then my XLV was fully weighted. I had a friend out last night who could once in a while drop the rope on the XLV and he was able to ride for 10min straight without the rope. He kept commenting on how easy it was to ride ropless and stay on the wave since it goes so far back. The push of the wave is pretty incredible. I'm actually a little more interested in surfing now because there seems like there will be more to do.

Overall we love the 30 but I am really stoked on the Mojo. A couple of great boats.

New Guy
06-02-2012, 11:02 AM
Levi how would you compare it to the XLV? My local dealer has this http://www.fortfremont.com/new_vehicle_detail.asp?sid=07784387X6K2K2012J10I00 I55JAMQ1986R0&veh=157306&pov=1769241 and if it is still around at the end of summer I am going to try and work out a deal with him. I just don't know if the Mojo is going to be worth the extra $10K

06-02-2012, 11:30 AM
I found it very similar to the XLV in a lot of way. The XLV seemed to have more storage and although the numbers lie is seemed a "little" bigger inside but I know it's about the same. I loved my XLV, it was a great boat and I loved the seating layout. I would buy another one for sure. So to answer your question, ifor 10k difference its a tough choice cause the mojo is 2 years newer. Im not a huge fan of all white boats but if that's what you love you would be happpy with that XLV for sure.

06-02-2012, 06:44 PM
I like how the "mailbu/axis" wake is very consistent and easy to keep clean at any speed loaded or not but I like how the moomba wake is steeper and more "lippy". guess you cant have both because the steeper the wake the more prone to washing. i guess the mojo is supposed to be a happy median? i know you say it was clean at 22.5, how far back was it clean? if you load it with factory ballast is it clean at 18-19 at say 65 ft?

06-02-2012, 07:16 PM
With full factory I think it might be hard to get clean at 18 but empty I believe you can. I found the wake to have a lot of vertical kick, very fun. I liked it just fine with only factory ballast actually. I hope with a lot more weight it doesn't wash but to be honest it doesn't really need it. Maybe an extra couple hundred lbs up front is all.