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06-30-2005, 09:50 AM
I am hoping that someone out there with a little more experience getting altitude off a wake can help me out...

Last night I was out on the water and experienced "pop" for the first time which resulted in being catapulted about 3 feet across the opposite wake. I have been working on edge control and standing tall at the wake but I do not understand the phrase "loading your line".

Also, what is the benefit of a static mainline over a standard 8 section which I am currently using? Do you think that a static line would help with my consistency?

Thank you in advanced for your response.

'04 Outback

06-30-2005, 05:45 PM
An important element to getting more air has a lot to do with edging all the way through the wake. A common problem is that as you approach the crest of the wake, most people ease up the pull and flatten out the board- that is the worst thing you could do and here's why. By easing up on the pull, you take away most of the tension the rope has built up and significantly reduces the force generated that snaps you into the air. This is what is referred to as "loading the line"- building tension on the rope with the pull, your body, the board, everything! Then once that tensions releases, that force springs you higher and further to more of what you are looking for - BIG AIR! Next time you go out and try for bigger air, remember that a rider's maximum speed should be at the TOP of the wake- not as you first make the cut or anytime in-between. The best approach is to start with a gradual turn into your carve, dig that edge in as you build up speed toward the wake, accelerate all the way through and hold on until you get lift-off. Don't forget to spring off the top of the wake by extending your knees- this additional downward push on the board right before you leave the wake creates more lift and the kind of "pop" that generates better air. Might take some getting used to, but once you put all these together and work on the timing- you will be amazed!