View Full Version : Finally!

04-03-2003, 12:08 AM
Well I got my seven hours on my engine between last thursday and sunday. It wasn't so bad seems like engine hours go by relatively quick according to hour meter. The water was extremely choppy both days so it was kinda hard to break in the higher RPM's. The best thing though was that I finally got to board behind my Mob LSV (yellow I might add). Huge Huge difference between this fat wake and my old I/O pewny wake. Boarding was difficult because of the water conditions, but the moment I saw a little clean water I cut out. When I came in and hit the wake I actually could feel myself riding up it rather than just traversing from water to air like my old wake. Wow that was the most air that I have ever gotten, didn't pull off anything incredible, but the feeling of that much hang time was great. The boat is awesome, can't wait for the rest of my long Phoenix, AZ summer. Thanks Moomba!