View Full Version : Fishing cable through hull - Perfect Pass install

05-12-2012, 05:59 PM
I'm stuck. Got Perfect Pass for my 1999 Mobius and am trying to install. Before I got too carried away I wanted to make sure I could route the wire from the motor housing to the dash. Sure enough - I see no obvious way. I have already removed the driver side bulkhead under the dash to make the one thru-hole more accessible. But that hole is full of sterring and throttle and wiring harness. The connector on the PP cable is too big to fish through the wiring harnes flex tubing.

Access form the motor compartment is two tunnels along the stringers that my arms barely fit in. I could probably push from that end but I could never see the fish tape.

My current problem is getting my fish tape back out. It seems to be stuck.

05-12-2012, 11:18 PM
Solved. Had to remove the MDC controller from the outside of the bullhead and the amp from the inside, then removed the bulkhead. As able to get a channel loks grip on the snake and got that out. Detached the vent hose from the floor, exposing a good entry to the bilge. Ran the snake though that hole andity came to the engine compartment. Getting the bulkhead back in was tough - but had a slighltly thinner friend help for the right bow seat bay.

Once we got the cable run the rest was pretty simple. The key is splicing into the Tach wire (the gray one) with the Tee-Tapper they provide. Now all we need to do is calibrate. The GPS puck we mounted along the inside edge of the Windshield in the flat spot and just ran the wire on the outside in the seam between the dash and the body and found a a nice detention for the cable between two pieces of trim molding on the bottom edge of the dash and thottle mounting area.