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05-11-2012, 11:07 PM
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Thought this would be a good idea for everyone to share their detailing regimen. ie. how often you wash, wax 'n wipe, full wax, quick detail, vinyl clean, vinyl condition.

With the last boat, we would try to quick detail every few weekends and do the wax 'n wipe monthly. After every time in the water, we would dry completely. As long as we kept up with the spray on wax, simply drying off the boat would be fine to prevent water spots with the exception of the aluminum parts.

The last boat belonged to the in-laws so i was less a part of maintenance/care than i obviously am with my current boat.

So far with the new boat it was washed and waxed on pick-up and then put away for the winter. To start this season it was detailed with Boat Bling's hot sauce, vinyl was condition with boat bling's conditioner sauce and then towel dried after the last day in the water. All stainless components(rub rail, speakers, board racks) were again treated with hot sauce and then quickie sauce(areas are quick to water spot, speakers and racks tend to get a lot of bugs from trailering and the frequent waxing makes clean up much easier.)

Was especially wondering how often you all clean and treat vinyl.

05-12-2012, 12:01 PM
Complete wipe down, interior sprayed and wiped after every outing. mini detail every week or two as needed . This includes interior scrub down , vac carpet and vinyl treatment exterior clean and spray wax. Every 4-6 weeks as needed major detail this includes interior scrub down, Vinyl treatment , Rain X glass, polish stainless steel and aluminum and shampoo carpet . Exterior Wash then 3 step cleaner,polish and paste wax using Poor boys products and detail trailer .

05-12-2012, 01:48 PM
I use a buffer and oxidizer removal at the start of the season to remove all water spots.
Use Malco interior cleaner on all vynal at start of season, middle, and end
Use 303 after each Malco treatment
Wax boat same as above 3 times a year

Every time i go out, i wipe the entire interior with Tuff Stuff to clean it.
I vacume every day we go out
I wipe the boat down everytime the boat comes out of the water

Boat gets washed after any road trips to the lakes when it gets home to remove road debris and bugs.

If at any time i get caught towing in the rain, boat gets a beginging of the season detail.

Trailer gets waxed when the boat does as well as washed when the boat does.
Several times in the season after the boat if off the trailer i will whipe it all down, use a brush to clean the bunks.

Never Never Never, did i mention Never? Do i use tire shine, or goo, or anything on my trailer tires, or my truck tires. This just gets sprayed and splashed all over the boat when towing. Also most of the products contain water or alcohol and that dries the tires out faster.

05-12-2012, 07:37 PM
Part of my winterizing is a complete detail before I put it away with wax every couple years. During the summer months I clean the interior once a month and rarely wash it. For us the key to keeping it look good is a complete wipe down inside and out every time we pull out of the water. I wish I had the time to wash and wax more often but for me I try to spend my free time enjoying it. Everybody still says the boat looks new so I guess it's working!

It's garaged year round which helps btw