View Full Version : Cruise issue

05-05-2012, 09:53 AM
I've been using moomba cruise for about five years now. It was on our 07 Outback, and on our 10 LSV. I've never run across any problems until a few weeks ago.

Lately when I set the cruise, if I need to do any speed adjustments (up or down using the +/- buttons) it starts to lose speed. It then won't allow me to use the fine tune buttons at all, and it won't let me use the throttle to speed up either. And yes, upon setting the cruise I give it full throttle so it can adjust.

Like I said I've used this for going on five years now and never had issues, so this isn't a user error issue. Is it possible to have some sensor or module go bad? What to look for? Or is it just time to go with perfect pass?

05-05-2012, 11:37 AM
Its a rather simple system but all electronic unfortunatly. I would start with just checking the connections on the back of the switch panel. After that you can try the connections at the engine. Just unplug it make sure theres no corrosion in the plug. Thats about all you can do.

When you set the cruise can you imidiatly speed up or does it only allow you to slow down? Its weird it would let you set it but not speed up, unless in the programming it knows the first press of + is set, and there after its speed up.

If you can set it with no issues, then no speed up id say its prolly the cruise control module. Not sure if or how to get another.