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06-22-2005, 02:02 PM
Hi All,

I am seriously looking at purchasing a brand new Mobius LSV. Everything on it looks good but I would love some feedback from owners of this boat with the good, the bad and anything in between.

Thank you

06-22-2005, 03:18 PM
I have a 2005 Mobius LSV. I Love it. I don't know if you have decided on any options, but here is what I would recommend.

Upgrade to the MPI engine (325HP or 340 HP)

Perfect Pass - definitely GET IT,, don't get one without it.

Gravity Games III ballast bags - a must if you like wakeboarding. WOW,, what a wake.

Wake plate - I like it.

Flush Kit - I like the way you can start the boat out of the water to clean out the lake water heat up engine prior to changing oil, etc.

Strainer kit to help keep trash out of the engine.

Depth finder - if you ever are in shallow water.

Can you tell by now I really like my boat. The only problem I have is occasionally when the water from the prop passes by the rudder in a certain way, the rudder vibrates back and forth causing the boat to vibrate. Only happened a couple of times.

When I was planning on purchasing my boat, I was told by several people, and most of them on this BB, to go ahead and get it the way you want it. They were right. Especially on things that would be harder and more expensive to add later. like the GG ballasts. It is so convenient to just reach down and flip a switch to fill and empty the bags.

Also let me say thanks to all of you who respond to those of us with less experience. It really helped me out prior to ordering mine.

Keep in mind that when you purchase the boat, make the dealer throw in some of these options. I bought mine at the boat show and got the dealer to throw in the 325 MPI engine, strainer kit, flush kit.

Good luck in your search. I know there are only a few dealers per state, but post where you live and someone will share with you about the dealer that you are most likely to deal with.


06-22-2005, 04:12 PM
I also have a 2005 Mobius LSV. We really like the boat and love Moomba as a company. We traded in our direct drive Outback LS this year at our local boat show in January for the Mobius V-Drive.

Things I like:
-Boat handles nearly as well as my direct drive
-Excellent tracking with a rider in tow
-325 HP MPI engine
-Wake plate (when working...see below)
-Open seating configuration (U-shape)
-excellent holeshot performance with a loaded down boat
-3 bag ballast system
-Tower mounted bimini top
-Pop-up cleats
-Snap-on covers

Things I don't like:
-Seating is to close to the floor
-Storage under seating is not deep enough (see point above)
-Rear storage is not long enough and deep enough to store 2 wakeboards per side
-Snap in carpet does not fit correctly (great option...poor execution during mfg.)
-Tower is difficult to fold down solo
-Tower has more sway than I am used to (with no components on it!)
-Hydraulic wake plate pump has stopped working (dealer has ordered a new one)
-Built in cooler is almost useless...ice melts in no time & it's too small

We really do like the boat and plan to keep it for several years. When it comes time to trade this one in, we will look no farther than Moomba and Supra. If you want more info send me a PM and I will answer any queastions you might have.

06-22-2005, 04:22 PM
ditto the above. PM if questions. I need the GG bags like a hole in the head. Stock center bag is plenty for me.

PP, strainer etc. on options all correct - love the boat.

I will add that the dealer will make the difference over the long haul.


06-22-2005, 06:29 PM
Guys above pretty much captured it. I love the boat and all the upgrades mentioned I got. Make sure you get a tandem trailer if you can afford it....much easier to back up. So far (25 hours) I have had no real problems other than normal for a new boat. I definitely think that the low freeboard is something that you have to get used to. It doesnt bother me but some guys don't like it. Another thing that isnt great is the height of the tower above the water. Low freeboard makes for a low tower. This will effect doing some really advanced stuff but I don't have to worry about that for myself. I do, however, have to watch myself because I am over 6' tall. Perfect Pass is most important upgrade if you are married.........will save many arguments......at least for me it has. Overall, for the money you cannot find a better deal.

07-08-2005, 01:40 PM
Thank you all for you info. It has been very helpful and has aided me in configuring my Moomba.


07-11-2005, 03:53 PM
im gonna have to disagree w/ the "must have perfect pass" i didnt get it, and a few of my friends have it, and i thought i was missing out, but on the LSV's i think it holds speed exceptionally well compared to other boats, the mastercrafts and malibus dong hold speed for crap, and as long as our boats are weighted correctly to plane "60% front 40% back" its pretty easy to hold speed. so save that $1200 plus option and go w/ something else.