View Full Version : No reverse after warm-up; slipping in forward

Ian Brantford
06-20-2005, 08:35 PM
Howdy folks. I am starting to really have some fun with my XLV. I am up to 12.5 hours. Now, I can relax with the knowledge that only my comically bad skill level is holding me back from impressive wakeboarding, rather than my boat or gear.

However, I have had some mechanical problems. This has happened two weekends in a row. After an hour or so of operation, I start getting a brief hesitation in RPM when accelerating from a stop (around 10MPH), and reverse becomes completely non-operational. I mean that the shifter will not go to the reverse position in the slightest -- just neutral and forward.

My local marine mechanic checked things out and thought that low fluid in the gearbox was the culprit. Of course, when he tried it out (the day after I reported the problem, and after topping upt the fluid), it worked fine. The warning lamp by the shifter was also disconnected -- it must have shaken loose in its 400km delivery. Unfortunately, after trying it again yesterday, I am still left with no reverse and a bit of slipping in forward.

My local mechanic and my Moomba dealer are in some contact, but I think that the information flow is sporadic, with hours or more turn-around for answers if the right person isn't available for the phone at the right time. Hours turn into days, and possibly a lost weekend, so I'm pinging this board for its often timely help.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? Brian Raymond?