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04-04-2012, 10:45 PM
I have been anxiously awaiting parts to repair my trailer fender and blown out tire from last season. A couple weeks ago i finally got around to ordering a color matched fender ,with fender pads and inner wheel cover + a new tire ,rim combo. I've been waiting and watching my UPS tracking shipment etc for the last few days.
Finally yesterday i get a call parts are in. Yeah it was a nice day ,off early from work ,yeah i can get started already. I go to my wifes office to pick up parts and low and behold ,one long skinny box and thats it!!!! Way to small ,light for a tire ,rim etc so decide whatever lets get home and get started and surely tire will follow.
I open box and nicely painted pinstiped etc fender with top pad ,NO INNER Fender in box or attached. WTF? Now i'm dissapointed i really cant do anything or i would have to completey redo when the rest of the parts arrive.

Anyways i go to tracking order and get on phone to Trailermate. Problem is No one wants to answer the phone and with 2 hr time difference i have a very small window of time. Needless to say 3 calls to the operator i get testy demanding to talk to ANYONE. Finally i get a fellow named Tony to answer and he realizes i'm pissed off so quickly looks up my order. Low and behold while not covering phone very well i hear him look up order and say OH SHIT..

Quickly he gets on phone to explain that parts of order was forgotten and appologizes and says first thing today order will be processed and shipped. OK i'm still mad but say fine ,lets get this done and appolgize myself.
Today i get email confirmation and appology and an offer to have a spare tire rack thrown if for free??? Wow Nice offer except i already have a spare welded mount so i decline ,but did throw in Swag such as tshirts ,stickers etc would work but not necessary. Anyways hopefully order is now being shipped and all will be resolved.

All i would say is maybe a phone call confirmation from Jerry at boatmate might have avoided this,as i did request he call ,i wanted to talk to him as i had a couple other items i might have added but decideed to pass on. He seems to do all his business via email but sometimes a personal touch goes a long way. Now lets see how long and if the order is complete. I might add the whole order was prepaid.

Only good point or bad is we are expecting a storm tonite with possibly 6 inches of snow , not like i was gonna get out boating yet????

04-05-2012, 10:00 AM
How much did the color matched fender cost you? Did you order right from boatmate? I need a new left fender as well.

04-05-2012, 09:41 PM
Fender is 32.00 give or take and paint is flat rate 100.00.

04-06-2012, 08:50 PM
my experience with boatmate has been about the same. Jerry seems to do everything via email. If you call you rarely will ever get anyone and the message even encourages online ordering. Jerry through email instructed me to order online.

I was trying to track down colormatch paint and expressed my challenges in another thread. But yet again they didn't want to deal with it at all. A little effort to help me try and find a solution would have been nice. It would mean the difference between me being happy with my current trailer and any future issues vs. the way I feel now.

Next boat I will more than likely shop for a different option. Customer service (good and bad) can leave a lasting impression.