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03-23-2012, 10:52 AM
So, since Nov 11 I have had an issue with my boat not wanting to start (08 Outback 325 EFI). I attributed it to "bad gas" since the end of the season did not make me use a lot of fuel. Cranking and cranking did not work, but crank a few times and then return 15-20 mins later, and it would fire right up.

I pulled the boat onto the trailer and filled it with non ethanol gas and stabil. I changed the fuel filter and drained the fuel lines. I had depleted the battery, so I bought a new one. Finally, while priming the fuel lines, I noticed that the ignition switch had a "blank spot". The power would shift on and off while I wiggled the key in the ON position. I ordered a new ignition/key from Atlanta Marine and now my problem is solved. $26 for a new ignition. Honestly, an ignition should last a lot longer, so I am disappointed. I've owned a lot of boats and cars, this is the first ignition I have had to replace.

While investigating the problem. I found that my rotor cap was corroded quite a bit and the rotor was worn down more than I would have expected. I replaced them also. I also removed the fuel pump, and inspected it inside. There were a few small items in the filter screen.

On a side note. I ordered the ignition from my local dealer in Jan. I checked on it in Feb, with response that it was delayed a week. Atlanta Marine had one in stock and at my door in 2 days. Not sure what I will do if I run into a problem that I can't fix.

03-23-2012, 10:59 AM
Not sure what I will do if I run into a problem that I can't fix.

Come for a visit to the ATL! We'll drop the boat off at Atlanta Marine and head out of a nice dinner. You all are welcome to stay at the house then grab the boat and head back home.

03-23-2012, 11:53 AM
My parents and sister live in Roswell. Just no desire to tow the boat all the way up there. In reality, there are too many issues that could occur that I feel that I would need someone else to fix.