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06-14-2005, 07:22 AM

I put 17.5 hours on the LSV and sent it in for the 20 hour check-up. I had the Cub Scout Den with me last weekend and we had a ball. The best description is organized chaos.

We’ll start with a boat review.

Perfectpass – must have. First try at the wake skate with my wife’s first try at the wheel. I popped right up. I love wake skating and will have to look into that a bit more.

I did pull a tube or two. Center ballast helps keep the prop in the water yanking and banking. Empty I could pull the boat over and cavitate the prop on a hard turn pulling kids. Once I added a little weight with the bag - no cavitation.

Wake plate is a great tool for planning the boat with various weights. Rather than telling people more to the front, more to the back, stop walking around, I just worked the plate. Sweeet.

SC should tell people about too much arm on the throttle will collapse the throttle to the floor and cut the engine to idle. It scared the sh-t out of me when I did it. I guess that is a feature to save the engine but I had a really bad feeling for 30 seconds as I shut down, went to neutral and started back up.

Fixed prop docking is a non-issue.

The idea of flipping the port passenger seat up rater than sideways may not be great. Then you would have to put it down to look in the glove box, you would have to duck under to reach in, it would hit the glass – limiting how far up it could go and the hinge would be exposed. All this could probably be worked and is personal preference.

The kids were great all weekend. The fishing was the best I had ever seen it (we fish from the Lund, not the Moomba). I fell off my own boat demonstrating kneeboarding on the back of the boat. I think everyone had a great time, I did.

What is the official command for tighten up the rope prior to HIT-IT? We used TROLL, like the boarder was bait or something.

I gave each boy a disposable camera for the weekend and just dropped them off for development. I expect some interesting results.

Gotta go but it was a great weekend.


06-14-2005, 09:27 AM
I will have to start using that one! That ought to give the culleoka fishing fleet a kick.