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02-11-2012, 11:25 AM
well, we have our annual boat show this weekend. went yesterday and was much better than last year, but still not as big as a "real" city, but it comes from living in a valley of only 1/2million and a short season..

anyway, here are a few of my thoughts, prices I saw and just a few pics at the end... kinda long and all my .02. posted in order of dealer lines...


First of all, I'd like to give a HUGE shout out to skiers choice for getting a mojo up to our neck of the woods for the show. I really enjoyed being able to climb all over one and see what the boat really is.

First impressions: much better than the pics. I didn't really like the front on the internet, but in person, it really looks much better. sales manager told me that they think it'll be a better boat for noobs on the water as they have several customers that have had issues with the axis loading in windy conditions and catching the front of the bow on the trailer guidepoles. the mojo won't :) liked the overall shape and, although the color combo seems to be a popular one, it looks nice. interior looks HUGE. the bench seat across the back goes on forever. platform is much more stable than mine. love the depth of the seatbases. dash was better than I thought, not 100% to my liking, but simple and very well laid out. liked the cell cubby on the right. I don't get the open part under the rear bench seat, but then I saw the exact same thing on the outback v, so now i know where it came from, just more pronounced in the mojo.
I will have to call out the lack of fit/finish and some of the material choices. on this boat, the rubber molding that goes under the windshield glass along the frame was cut 2" short at the end and the gasket that goes between the gelcoat and the windshield frame was not trimmed off at the end. small gripes, but saw some issues like that in a lot of places. the plastic covers over the air intakes in front of the windshield are just plain cheesy. spend a few $$ for something other than cut abs..
overall, a nice boat and it shows MUCH better in person than what I have seen on the internet. I still think i'd wait a year before considering it to let the bugs and finish issues play out..
supra 242: only one thing to say... HUGE. the cabin is a monster. love it, but never own it. don't have enough of a crew to make it worthwhile..
supra 22v: still my fav of the skiers products. looks unchanged for 2012. a solid boat...

pricing: boat show pricing listed. all boats decently equipped. only missing tower speakers on most.
Mojo: 59k
242: 78k
21v: 65k
22v: 68k

didn't see anything new for 2012 in the basic lineup. guy was busy showing the tower gas assist, but it won't fit in a 7ft door. negative selling feature here. they had a vlx, 23lsv and a 24.7lsv
funny for the dd guys, they did have a response, but it was tucked in another room next to aluminum river boats and out of the way.. odd..
they did have an mzx there. it's a very large boat. looks like every other malibu inside, just a large bow. they had 2 sold already to dr's.
hate the interior so didn't really spend any time looking at them. they had a 2011 demo boat that was pretty used and a 2012, both A22's. didn't look any different from last year.

I only looked at the pricing for the mzx and it was $93.6k on sale, over 106k new. the other one was 112k with the 550hp supercharged caddy motor.


didn't spend any real time looking at the sanger product. they had a 215 and a 237(i think). nice overall boats. both in the low60's.
Tige had 4 boats there: a z3, rz2, rz4 and a r20. the z3 was a very nice boat. fully loaded. climbed all over the z3 and the rz2. fit and finish is top notch. it felt like a real solid boat. nothing I didn't like about any of them other than the price. again all are boat show pricing.

rz2 76k
rz4 96k(sticker of 110k)
z3 91k(sticker of 106k)

Our dealer for those lines is new this year. they had a lot of inventory there and were staffed to sell. had the rep from supreme there. he was a real nice guy to talk to(as a rep should be).
centurion would have been my first choice for a money-is-no-object surfboat, but after looking over a couple there, I'd pass. the fit and finish and overall quality of the boats just isn't there for the price. lots of squeaks on parts when you'd open things and just didn't have a feel of quality.
enzo 233 was 83k
enzo 211 was 82.5k

supreme had 4 or 5 there. spent almost all my time on the 226 surf. looks to be a very nice boat. the engine compartment was one of the best laid out I have ever seen. very easy to get to everything and nothing was crowded. the seats have a huge backrest on them from the very deep freeboard. it's a very tall boat. finish seemed very nice. trailer had runway lights up the frame for loading the dark that use a water float switch to turn off/on from attwood. kind of a gimick, but unique. interesting that they offer either mercury or indmar as the base motor with indmar being a $500 credit as the cheaper motor. boat height is 7ft 2in folded. that will be tough around here to sell. not sure why they didn't try to get it at 7ft.
pricing on it was 76k nicely equipped.

this dealer started the boat show years ago and have not participated for 2 years now. they do one at their shop and stay open the same hours so we went. they have not ordered a spec boat from mc or naughty for over 2 years so the only boat they had from the big 2 was a sport nautique 200 crossover going to sun valley for a customer. nice boat, but not their standard line.
they have been selling nothing but mb's for the last year. they had 4 there: 2-21tomcats, a 23tomcat and a 23twb. walked around a 21. fit/finish is not the same as my supra. you can see where the corners are cut, but overall, liked the boat. roomy, nice basic dash that is stepped and very low-great visibility over it. very deep seatbases for more hidden ballast. overall, looks like a solid boat.
pricing was 53.9k for any boat, didn't matter. all were well equipped minus tower speakers..

overall, money is not object-it would be either the supra 22v or the tige z3 in the garage, but since I haven't, it was tough to beat the mb as a pricepoint boat for what it came with, but I see the mojo right on it's heels. it'll be interesting to see the mojo next year with some refinements and a lot of boats under the builders belts from a fit/finish standpoint.
if you consider service and the dealer as part of the sale, my skiers/bu dealer would get the sale every time. they are, without a doubt, the premiere dealer in the valley and seem to care about the customer..

02-11-2012, 11:26 AM
onto the pics...
supreme surf series


bu mzx

02-11-2012, 11:28 AM
tige z3


supra 242 on the right and 22ssv on the left. didn't get the 21v on the far left..


mojo...and the sales manager


02-11-2012, 12:13 PM
Great write up!

02-11-2012, 01:37 PM
Was that an 2011 22V you were looking at? Because I believe it got a whole new interior this year. Looks much better than previous years.

02-11-2012, 01:46 PM
Here's what the new one looks like


02-11-2012, 02:53 PM
That thing is sweeeeeet! Nice job detailing your summary, sandm.

02-11-2012, 03:40 PM
nice write up! I'll probably take in the Show in Great Falls, MT. Maybe they'll have 3 boats total I can take pics of :)

02-11-2012, 04:40 PM
That MXZ is pimpin. Love the colors. Thanks for the post.

02-11-2012, 05:34 PM
You really cant tell from the pic, but the mzx center color is silver metalflake with black top/bottom. It was way pimped out....

02-11-2012, 11:05 PM
Wow nice pics and writeups on the boats. Our show is much bigger and way more hectic. We have many more boats than that but boats are often squeezed together so to get individual pics would be difficult. I 'm glad you were able to throw prices in .Some boats had prices openly displayed others not so you had to ask.

I was really impressed with the Nautique 200 Sport and i was able to talk to the owner of Shalom waterski park. This is located close to Edmonton about 3 hrs away but he is personally buying one and offerd that with a e days notice to call and he'd bring me into his ski lake and as a personal guest take me skiing for an afternoon or whatever and try the boat out.
Our boat show is also combined with Outdoor hunting and fishing so we have/had Big boats ,fishing boats, pontoon ,kayaks canoes etc. My Bro is more into this and as we went together we spent almost equal time looking at both sections..5.5 hrs almost. Anyways .Nice writeup .Hope you enjoyed as well as we did. I may go tomorrow to a couple local vendors as well that forgo the boatshow and have private boat shows . Avoiding the high costs and hassles of the exibition itself and offering savings in sale prices on there products .