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06-04-2005, 09:16 AM
I have the O2 mobuis d-drive and was wondering if any of you have a problem with rough water? When I am on the lake and the waves get to about 2 feet, the boat just feels like it is getting hammered. I don't go fast in these conditions but I see other boats flying through them and they don't seem to be affected. Is this due to the concave shape of the hull with little v or something else?

If this is inherant to all of these with this hull design, then no big deal, I'll just go slow. For an example, we got caught in a storm this last weekend and I didn't go faster than 20 mph as to avoid the beating I would have gotten otherwise. The people we were with had their grocery getter there and they ran off and left us speed wise. Just wondering.


06-04-2005, 11:31 AM
My '04 mobius LS pounds in the waves as well. I find putting the wakeplate down and forcing the bow down helps but doesn't get rid of the pounding. I have to slow down.

The SeaRays.Larsens, and Glastrons out there have a smoother rough water ride because of a finer entry, deeper V and easier chines which soften the inpact of the waves.
I used to drive a 1979 Mastercraft. GREAT boat to ski behind but kidney damage in 1 foot chop.
Our boats give us beautiful wakes in smooth to moderate conditions. I'll gladly slow down in rough water, rather than have to ski through a Sea Ray type wake at 34 -36 MPH.

james yarosz
06-05-2005, 10:40 AM
That's why they are called "Competition Ski Boats". There not made for rough water.;)