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01-15-2012, 01:08 PM
Im new to the forum and to moomba. We just bought a 2000 mobius v and we love it! Being a used boat it has seen its share of owners and one previous one was nice enough to remove the covers or walls on either side of the engine under the cover. Now it is difficult to use the space for storage due to melting things and moving belts... What would be a good material to bolt to the ski pilon frame to use to make a new wall?

01-15-2012, 01:21 PM
There's some stuff called "boat board" which is basically like a thick plastic sheet. It is spendy stuff but you can cut it like plywood, screw into it, etc. Then cover it with marine carpet on the compartment side. If you can't find that you could probably get away with a marine plywood (actual wood). But personally I'd go for the plastic stuff.

I've seen smaller pieces at West Marine but they said they could order larger sizes.

My setup is basically the same as yours. My panels screw right into the aluminum braces that angle down from the front to back. I have a couple L brackets going up into the deck on the back, from the under side, that the panel screws to back there for support. It is very sturdy.

01-15-2012, 09:38 PM
thanks! i googled it and it looks good. is there a heat issue next to the manifolds? imworried its too hot... is yours mounted on the inside or the outside of the ski pilon frame?

01-16-2012, 12:55 AM
No heat issues on mine - I have them mounted on the outside of the ski pilon braces, facing the compartment. Carpet on the compartment side only. When my ballast bags are loaded up they actually lean against the big fiberglass muffler thing across the back just a little and no issues still.




01-17-2012, 02:09 AM
sweet! thanks for the pics. its good to have a visual of how to mount them. thanks for all the tips

01-17-2012, 09:48 AM
Now that's service! Nice job Berg.

01-18-2012, 01:10 PM
yup agree with berg. mine are some sort of black plastic and on the outside as well.

01-18-2012, 01:45 PM
If I get crazy and redo my engine cover the way I want, breaking it down from one big piece to three separates that each open, I may end up redoing my walls in order to add a support or brace of some kind running front to back on both sides.

Got some good ideas at the boat show. Maybe even add a sea dek track up the middle as a walkway like Ding Dong here is demonstrating on the back of a new Supra...


08-07-2013, 07:40 PM
Thread revival-

Did you redo the walls? Curious how it turned out, what you used, etc.?

I'm going to make this happen now that I do have the 3 piece rear cover and finding that I definitely need some support for between the cushions as they flex more than I want to see when someone is on them.

08-07-2013, 11:29 PM
I will second that I need to do the same thing soon.
When I remove the factory tanks for the 1100# bags.