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03-24-2003, 05:15 AM
I will be replacing the packing in the gland nut on my 1998 Mobius this spring. Does anyone know the pros and cons of using graphite inpregnated cord instead of the wax cord? The stuff is much more expensive but I'm told it will last a lot longer and have less wear on the shaft.

Brian Raymond
03-24-2003, 11:59 PM
I have played and tested many packing materials. The graphite was more expensive, and did not hold up well, and needed constant servicing throughout its tenure. I am by no means denouncing graphite packing, only relaying through experience, it does not work as well as the wax roped packing in the inboard industry. South Eastern Foundries, makes a water cooled dripless packing gland, they are located in N.C.. You can call SkiersChoice for thier #. The durability and replacement costs of the wax rope, and ease of maintenance, to me, are worth staying with O.E.M.Brian Raymond

Brian Raymond
03-26-2003, 12:45 AM
The most common reasons for packing wear are one or both of 2 things. The first being maladjusted motor to shaft alignment. The trans. coupler and shaft coupler should have at most a.003" tolerance on all edges, (if not familiar with the process, have it done thru your dealer), if it is mis aligned, it will create an oval whipping like pattern and not a circular one, thus putting more wear on the packing gland. The 2nd is due to packing gland adjustment. The ideal adjustment is to have one drop of water come out of the packing gland every 35-45 seconds, when in gear, at idle speed. This procedure can be done by calling your local dealer and setting up man appt. or e-mail; techservice@skierschoice.com for hands on and faxable info. Make sure to leave name,phone #'s, and e-mails.Brian Raymond

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