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05-28-2002, 01:45 PM
Why did MOOMBA loose its AWSA accreditation for 2002?

When I bought my 2001 Outback, having AWSA approval was an important factor in my decision making process.

I looked at similiar, but more expensive boats like the Malibu Sunsetter. Both boats met the same strict guidlines to receive the AWSA, but the Outback was less expensive. So, I fiqured I would get a get a good boat a save some money in the process.

Now, that it lost (or did not pay for) its AWSA, it seems to validate the Moomba naysayers saying the Moomba cut too many corners and does not measure up to the same standards as other inboards.

I hope Skiers Choice makes a concerted effort to get AWSA certification for 2003---otherwise they may loose business in the future.

05-28-2002, 04:08 PM
You are right, we did not recertify the boat in 2002. It was strictly a cost savings measure, the boat still exceeds the driving and performance standards that they set forth. We didn't change anything on the boat, but we made a decision to save the money. In the past we have certified more boats than any other manufacturer, and it can be quite pricey. I hope this clears up our decision. I will take into consideration your concerns at the time of the 2003 boat tests. We have NMMA certificaiton pending on that boat now. The NMMA looks at boats from a design, construction, and safety standpoint, and is the highest certification a boat can have in those regards. I only mention this to demonstrate that we are commited to maintaining and developing a quality product for our consumers to enjoy.


Jay Warren
Marketing Manager
Skier's Choice

05-29-2002, 10:10 PM
Completely understand your concern. We certified that same hull with the Awsa for 4 years running. The fees associated with them resigning off on the same hull were getting way out of hand...so we opted to not ceritify any boats this year in either the Supra or Moomba lines(after having the most cert boats in the industry for the last 3 years).Keep in mind the date to test and certify your boats was within 2 weeks of the 9/11 tradegy and many of us were nervous about the market conditions at that time.... We definitely expect to certify the 03 Outback and many other models in the fall of 2002 and fully expect to have strong a contigent of AWSA certified boats again. Hope that helps

Rick Tinker