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05-13-2005, 02:37 AM
hey everyone just wanted to voice another utter disappointment form moomba and the dealer i bought the boat from surfiside boat center tempe arizona. i have talked with the gm of that facility with customer service at skiers choice and even written letts with absolutly no success with getting somebody to take responsibility of a terrible service department. i hope that someone from skiers choice reads this

my latest issue came today when i called to see if my boat would be ready for the weekend and how much it is going to cost me. i decided to just bite the bullet and pay to get another engine put in the boat. i was in the GM's office 2 weeks ago after arguing for about an hour and him not willing to do anything i just said fine order a new engine. we agreed that the price for the engine would be about $2300 and the labor would be 10.5 hours at half price of $40/hr. Well today not really to my surprise the pricesx changed to total price went up almost $1000. whenn i asked the GM why so much difference he simply replied the cost are higher than what i anticipated. they never contacted me with this new figure and when i asked him why that was all he could say was they were to busy.

i am completly dissatisfied with the whole situation and will never again recomend anything that mooba has to do with.

05-13-2005, 03:12 AM
I remember your first post on this subject and it seems you did all you were supposed to do as an owner. So it surprises me that you're willing to shell out that much money for a new engine for your brand new boat. Is there no other alternative like arbitration or small claims court? It just seems crazy to pay thousands more for something that according to you wasn't your fault. I'm not doubting your version of the facts, I guess I just can't see myself doing that without pushing the factory a little harder on the issue.