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03-20-2003, 01:31 PM
I have just purchased my first boat, a 2003 Outback LS. My family and I can't wait to take delivery near the end of April. Rob at Club Royale in Waterford MI is great. He made selecting and purchasing our boat a great experience. My question to all is: Where can a first timer get information on how Inboards operate, and how should they be maintained? I'm sure I will receive a good deal of info when I take delivery, but I was trying to do as much research before then as I could. Brian Raymond and others seem to be an incredible resource, but I did not want to post every question I have on this board. If anyone has suggestions I would certainly appriciate them. Thanks.


03-21-2003, 09:17 PM
Haven't found a broad reference.

Mechanically, I've tried to learn the terminology for the unique parts and search the net for that part or process. Example: propeller shaft gland packing and gland nut are unique to inboards. I researched the packing itself ( I think using "marine" as a modifier ) and found the packing and also a "how-to" for replacing it.

Operation was a bigger challenge. All trial and error for me.

I learned that inboards are tough to handle at slow speed. Not precise at all compared to outboards or I/O's. This is tough around docks and ramps, especially in traffic and with a breeze. Just be careful and wait for traffic to clear so you can get experience with it.

But I really, really like the inboard. Wanted one for 20 years. Its the only way to go! Good luck-- and don't worry about posting questions. Lots of people on here have real good tips.

03-24-2003, 01:49 PM
Thanks for the input, I'll try what you have suggested and I'll be real carefull taking my new boat out. Thanks.

I also want to let everyone know I received a call from Brian Raymond last week. He called to congratulate me on my purchase and to ask if I had any specific questions. I was totally knocked for a loop. It's not every day that you receive phone calls from the manufacturer of a product you purchased. I think that Moomba is top notch, and this message board is awesome. Thanks to all!