View Full Version : Snap-In Carpet

05-11-2005, 12:47 PM
Anyone who has ordered their new Moomba with snap-in carpet have any complaints? I ordered our new LSV with both front and rear 40oz snap-in carpet. The bow area and the ski locker door are both great, but the cockpit area of the boat is horrible. It appears that all of the snaps were put in the floor in the wrong locations. If you snap the carpet to all the floor buttons we end up with the carpet sticking up about 2 inches around every snap. Our dealer is talking about removing the floor buttons and re-positioning them to fit the carpet. I'm concerned with this approach as they will need to fill all of the original holes. Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, how was it fixed? One last note, 1 of the floor buttons has actually pulled out of the floor. I really like the quality of the carpet over the standard but this snap issue is a problem.