View Full Version : Unusualy high Bilge water level?

03-12-2003, 01:29 PM
Greetings, new to this forum and new to my 2000 Mobius, took her out for the first time and was wondering if it's normal for the bilge to accumulate as much water as it did. The automatic bilge wasn't working, but a new float switch installed last night will probably fix that problem. I'm just curious if there are any points I should check to make sure that an abnormal amount of water isn't getting into the bilge. As an example, we docked at a restaurant to grab a bite to eat, within an hour, the bilge was 3/4 inch from being completely full. The ballast tanks had not been filled during the day.

Please forgive a potentially "dumb" question from a newbie...but answers or thoughts greatly appreciated.

Brian Raymond
03-14-2003, 12:31 AM
That is an acceptable amount of water, if a 21 person pyramid just got done, and you were the only pick up boat to retrieve them and thier equipment . The most common water intake issue is the packing gland, this is located at the shaft log and is the only wearable and adjustable item I would check first. Remove the motor box and floorboard, this is the big nut and jam nut at the shaft where it leaves the boat and enters the water. When the boat is in gear at idle, it should drip once every 30-45sec. For proper adjusting instructions contact your dealer or techservice@skierschoice.com. Another way is to completely dry out the bilge, totally, with the box and floor removed, back the boat off the trailer and shut the engine off and wait for water to appear, if no leaks, run the boat with an observer looking for incomming water, verify and repair the leak. Look at all exhaust connections and any through hull fittingngs under the waterline,fins,drain plug, ballast fittings, and ex. flanges,(incl. the hardware that mounts them) platform brkts. and unseen holes or extra long screws on the outside bottom.Brian Raymond

03-17-2003, 03:07 PM
OK, indeed we seem to have 2 fairly sizeable leaks....

1. Located on the shaft log, there was a steady stream of water coming from this from between the large brass bolt and the shaft.

2. On the top of one of the mufflers there was a perfectly circular hole, approx 1/8" I found this when I slid aside the small strip of protective rubber that I guess prevent sthe muffler rubbing on the underside of the flooor panel. Can I assume that this hole shouldn't be there?..I was curious because it appeared to be a perfect drill hole...not a crack...


Brian Raymond
03-17-2003, 11:59 PM
There should not be any holes or drainage from the exhaust system, The issue at hand may be from a previous owner or some other mishap. I suggest you notify the dealer, and have the muff. replaced. Do not try to repair, that is only a part time band aid. Brian Raymond

03-18-2003, 11:18 AM

Thanks for the info - I'm pulling the muffler and replacing it, it seemed a tad odd. Thanks for all your help mate!