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09-09-2011, 05:14 PM
I'm thinking of using a Stinger SGN12 Line Output Converter to to drop a pair of speaker level outputs from my HU (Clarion CMD6) to RCA level to feed the audio input of a RGB LED controller since all my HU RCA outputs will be feeding amps. The SGN12 has an "optional ground connection sometimes used to eliminate minor noise problems" according to the manual.

I have a dual battery setup with switch and VSR with one battery going to feed/ground only stereo components to help keep the noise down. The LED controller will be on the main battery & if I put the Stinger in line, it will be my only crossover point between the main and stereo circuits. I don't care about a little noise or sound quality of the signal going into the LED controller since it'll just be an amplitude signal, but...

Do you think the controller could feedback noise through its RCA level input, then the converter, then through the speaker level outputs of the HU, and then make its way to the HU RCA outputs connected to the amps? I'll probably try the converter ungrounded at first, but if I get noise going to the amps, should I connect the "optional" ground on the converter to the stereo or helm circuit? Thanks.

09-12-2011, 01:00 PM
I do not KNOW, but would have to believe there will be no way for noise to move backwards through the radio to your RCA outputs as a result of what you describe.

If noise comes up after the work, it would be much more likely to come from the microcomputer in the LED controller, modulated directly onto the RCA cables.

If noise arose after your LED install I would pursue traditional noise fixes as outlined in other posts, (common power and ground for amps and radio). I do not think that the ground wire on the LOC would make any difference.

MY $.02... :)


09-12-2011, 06:03 PM
Thanks for the couple of pennies. That's why I posted - bunch of folks on here that know way more about this stuff than me. Just got a little paranoid when I realized that installing the LOC would potentially undo my work so far at keeping the stereo gear completely isolated and on common power and ground blocks. The LED controller will be several feet away from the stereo gear and is only rated at 12 amps max, so hopefully will stay noise free. I won't know if it's an issue until I finish the interior & can get to the stereo stuff, but at least I'll sleep better until then.