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04-30-2005, 02:49 PM
hey eveeryone looking for a little bit of help here haveing some serious issues with my boat and am very dissatisfied with the dealership, surfside boat center in tempe az. i have a mobious lsv 2004 bought brand new off the boatshow floor in 2004 it ran great all last summer till the engine just blew in october, the boat had approx 140 hours on it at the time and had all service done correctly. the dealership called indmar and it was a manfacture defect and they replaced the engine, no problem. here is where it gets bad.... i have had nothing but problems with the new engine since day 1. i tooke the boat out broke it in correctly and never really ran it hard and to this day still have not even wakeboarded behind it(with the new engine). at the 20 hour service, which i had to pay for again, i told the dealership it was running hot. the dealership did the service fine and they put the boat in water at the dealership started it it did not run hot, they said they checked the impellar and it was fine. i picked up the boat and took it to the lake that weekend, not 200 yards out of the no wake zone i am about to overheat i putted accros the lake and was towed back in. i then took the boat back to the dealership again and they flushed the line and replaced the impellar therere was almost nothing left of the impellar, at that point they told me everything was fine that the line was clear and that there was no screen to flush. they lake tested the boat for 1hr and everthing appeared to be fine. i picked up the boat and the service manager said it was fine and offered to order the filter screen, i declined and said lets see how it runs first. i took the boat out that saturday and just shot accross the lake and back later in the evening, ran fine. the next day took the boat out again and before i got out of the no wake zone i had overheated the engine at less thatn 1500 rpms. i took the boat back in and told them the problem again and told them to find out the problem and to order the filter screen. the next day i get a call saying they have flushed out the line and there was still rubber from the old impellar and that they have discovered that there is a filter screen and they finally cleaned it, but now they engine overheated and i dropped a cylinder. they are telling me that i need another new engine (#3 in a boat barley a year old). of course indmar wont cover this one because it overheated. i pleaded my case to the dealer that they should take responsibility because they had the boat 2 time and did not fix it. so now all of a sudden the service managers story has changed and they did clean the filter flush the lines both of the 2 times it was in.. Of couse the GM of the dealership is taking that side and wants to charge me for a new engine.

here is where i need some help i need to know a few things

1. what does a new engine really cost 5.7L 310hp

2. what is the real cost on a new boat 2005 lsv, because the dealer offered to take it in on trade and give me a great deal on a new boat, but the great deal was full msrp and he would not budge which i thought was a bad slap in the face.

i would really appreciate some help i am very frustrated with the dealership and moomba at this point i would not recommed either to anyone in a million years


04-30-2005, 07:56 PM
thanks jeff i am in the process of much of this and actually sat face to face with the GM and the service director today and basicly got nothing acomplished accept the service director changing all accounts of the story and lieing right to my face


05-01-2005, 06:51 PM
That sounds irritating. If history is any indication, SC will take a few days to gather all the facts before they reply but they will try to fix things.

I noticed that Indmar did not want to replace the engine because it over heated, well actually that applies to a situation in which the water intake was fowled (Indmar warrantee - manual Appendix C). In your situation the dealer has clearly stated that the intake was not fowled. Certainly not fowled with stuff he (may have) left behind. You have the dealer supporting you. It is entirely possible that the engine overheated because you dropped a cylinder and that the dealer did in fact clear the line properly. In that situation I think you are covered. In the end, the testimony of the dealer that there was nothing in the line could in fact be beneficial to you. It may also be true. It would not be the first time someone was shooting from the hip and got it wrong initially.

Good advice above.

Good luck and keep us posted. Iím headed for a movie.


05-02-2005, 01:53 PM
I agree with inliner. When I read the initial message I was wondering where the missing pieces of the impeller went to. Some may be discharged through the exhaust while the larger pieces may be lodged within the cooling system which could have caused the overheating.. What caused the impeller to disintegrate in the first place and what did they do to correct it? I would suggest getting writing what the dealer did to correct the problem in the beginning and what they did after the engine was blown then go to a recognized mechanic and get their analysis including pictures of the problem. Moomba, Indmar and your dealer hate bad publicity and as you raise the level of litigation then the publicity on the case should rise accordingly and be prepared to do that as most issues are resolved to avoid bad publicity. The cost of a motor replacement is very small compared to lost sales due to shop incompentance. There may be infighting between Indmar and the dealer that you wouldn't know about but it affects all the parties. I would work with Moomba as this really affects them and they are a liable party but not directly involved since Indmar supplied the engine that could have been defective and the dealer who installed the new engine incorrectly (misaligned water pump) and also misdiagnosing the problem.

You understood the indications of an over heated engine from your previous experiences so operator error would be eliminated. The blockage could have localized heating that the temperature guage would not indicate which is your only means to find the problem. if you can work with Moomba and get a replacement engine, I would highly recommend going to another dealer for the installation and further servicing. Once the blown engine has been analyzed either by you or Moomba then the root cause needs to be dispersed so that the proper parties are exhonerated.

Good luck