View Full Version : Looks like my season is over

08-28-2011, 10:54 PM
It sucks. Went out this weekend and found the last useable local lake has dropped tremendously over the last few weeks. I was lucky getting out for the day and then back on the trailer with no problems. Saw three boats with busted props at the launch when I came back in. All three events took place right at the launch, and this is by far the deepest launch at the lake. I'm not going to chance it again and with the kids being back in school it will be hard to get away for a weekend. We need rain, and lots of it.

08-29-2011, 07:22 AM
We need some rain over this way as well, but now as badly as our Texan brothers... I was a victim of the low water level this last weekend myself... Got launched just fine, some poor soul had engine troubles and was parked across the front of the dock so I went in on the right side of the dock to pick up the wife after launching. I came in bow first just close enough she could step off the dock onto the bow. I was backing out when a bonehead in a pontoon boat decided he wanted to be parked where I was so I had to make decisive turning manuevers to avoid his dumb arse, well the back end got a touch close to shore and I kicked up a few rocks. After we extracted ourselves from the cluster of idgets infesting the launch and dock area I inspected the prop. It is a bit knicked up on two blades, not real bad. So we ran with it for the day, I didn't notice any unusual vibration or noise. I'll hit it with a file to knock off the rough edges of the nicks, but I may be in the market for a new prop and use this one as a backup...