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08-21-2011, 03:18 PM
This is a two part question. I have a 2007 outback v. First, I have had a problem with my right rear bag emptying. I was troubleshooting this weekend and found a blow fuses on that bag on the pump out. I put a new fuse in and it blew. So I'm thinking there is a short somewhere, maybe a wire rubbed bare and is touching metal or another wire. I might just run a new wire, but I am not sure how the system is wired. Does anyone know if there is a diagram for these ballast systems. I tried unplugging one of the quick disconnets from one of the good solenoids and plug it in to the bag that would not empty and it pumped out of the bag that I thought I switched in from. So I need to figure out how these things are wired before I go cutting anything. I know these systems have the one main pump, which then goes to the manifold, through the solenoids and into the top of the bag. To drain, the water come from the bottom of the bag, but what is pumping the water out? Is there a pump on the empty that I dont see? So, however its wired, I have to find ther short, whether it is fixing it or running a new one. The second question is, I was running my blower and a few minutes later I look down and the light is not on and it is still in the on positon and its not working. I could not find any fuses for any of the accesories. Does anyone have a solution to that issue? Thanks for the help.

08-21-2011, 08:28 PM
I'm not 100% sure on this but I believe that there is one pump for each bag to empty it. It is pretty much a cheap aerator pump. I know when I look in the ski locker that I can see the pump that emptys that bag on my boat. Pretty sure from what I understand with talking to Wakemakers that the rear bags work the same way.

I didn't think there were fuses for the accesorries. I thought there were just circuit breakers above each switch?

08-22-2011, 11:02 AM
The pumps are Airator pumps and they may be cheap but there designed to last a long time and never burn out when you forget to shut them off LOL.

As for the system wireing it goes like this. 1 main fill pump, 3 Solinoids for the switching which bag if filled. 3 Drain pumps.
Fill pump is in the bilge drivers side mid engine area.
Drain pumps Ski locker is at the base when you open the door near drivers seat in ski locker.
V drive bags open the side panels to access the engine they are at the back corners just under the edge of the floor.

Blowing fuses means short - or requesting more power then the fuse can handle.
My guess is the Air rator mump went bad and is shorting internaly. You can check this by cutting the wires and moving another pump to its location. You will need to make new wire splice but its simple.

I seriously doubt the wires worn threw only because the wires are pretty stout and theres really no vibration or movement in the wire system in these locations by design. If you do replace the pump i sugest the Tsunami T800 from Wake Makers due to its nice price of apx 25 bucks and its simple plug the wires in and your done. It requires apx 2.5 amps at the fuse as i can run 2 pumps on a 5 amp fuse but not 3. LOL

08-22-2011, 01:47 PM
Before you go gutting wires or dropping coin on new pumps just take 'em apart and have a look. The aerators are super simple - depending on the type you have - you push in the red prongs (Tsunamis) twist and remove. See if you have anything stuck in there that won't let them spin, which could be blowing your fuses. If nothings there and they run fine in your hand, maybe try blowing air with an air compressor up through your ballast lines to make sure there's no blockage. It's amazing what can get sucked up in there and get stuck...