View Full Version : ballast bags xlv?

08-13-2011, 09:10 AM
xlv gravity 1180 center bag or ibs for surfing?

Martin Jr
08-13-2011, 09:25 AM
exactlly what info are you fishing for?

Isn't the capacity of the 1180 - 1180?

Your suddenly discussing the xlv a lot. You doin' the George Jefferson thing and movin on up?

08-13-2011, 10:16 AM
standard center is 650 the gravity center is 1180 is this enough extra up front from people who have an xlv?. just thinking bout going big or going home...

08-13-2011, 10:55 AM
Honestly JM if your thinking about getting an XLV and planning on having that huge nice wave to surf, then your in for a battle. Ive herd more people with XLVs have more issues dialing in wakes and surfs then in any other Moomba boat. The boat is big and long and in order to get that wave you really have to sac the rear of the boat out not so much the front. Yes the front does need weight but its just a really finicky boat. I have long been wanting one but the more and more i listen and talk to people with them the more and ore i dont want one now. If you really want to know how to weight it id PM You Da Man. He might not be everyones favorite anymore because hes an Axis man but he put in some serious effort to dial his XLV in and never was able to.

08-13-2011, 11:02 AM
I'll respectfully disagree with Mike. There are more folks that have dialed in their XLV's and get some great surf waves to offset YDM's experience. I think Levi (aka 501) has his working just fine. The caveat is that it does take a lot of weight. Same thing with any 24ft boat, no matter the manufacturer. A lot of weight normally also translates into a lot of gas.

My caution for you moving to an XLV is being able to teach your kiddos how to ride anything behond that monster. To tame the wake (wakeboard or surf) you have to add a lot of speed which usually isn't a good thing for younger and/or newer riders.

I think you would end up a happier man with the LSV or Mojo.

08-13-2011, 11:40 AM
Mike, Thanks i did pm YDM on ww and he said to weight the boat with an IBS. I think his issues were more for boarding than surfing. I rode Russ Wilde 2008 GG xlv with The Gravity Ballast package no problem. girls loved it as well, probably get a shorter rope for the younger riders.

Drew. yes bigger boat = more ballst = more gas , The kids ride behind my buddies x45 and do just fine. no compalints. actual they now give me grief about our little OBV wake LOL.. too funny.

Levi , you got any insight? sounds to me i may need some trial and error if i go that direction.

you da man
08-13-2011, 02:10 PM
The XLV surf wake is not hard to figure out. I does need the 1100 rear sac IF you go with a small crew. It's never more than me and my lady friend on my boat...even back on the XLV. The regular wake was easy and needed less wake but we are both goofy foot riders so it needed more weight. I like to experiment a lot with surf ballast but it was always easy to ride behind the XLV with almost any setup as long as you have that back corner down in the water. My best wake on the goofy side was 200lbs of steel shot bags under my 1100lb sac, 400lb sac on the seat behind the driver, 1180 center full, and 400lb sac in the playpen area. That setup let me surf almost 20ft back off the platform. The regular side was bigger and better IMO with the 1100, 400 on seat, 1180 center, and 400 in the bow.

Martin Jr
08-13-2011, 02:12 PM
"goofy food riders"

I like the sound of that - you'd be welcome on my boat!

08-14-2011, 02:29 AM
I have an 08 XLV (same hull as 2011). I have 2 X 750's in the rear and 1150 up front. For surfing, its pretty easy, fill up the rear 750. Surf. The more people the better it gets and if you have a lot of people in the boat it helps fill the center up but for surfing all we do is fill the rear 750 and move everyone over to that side. I can free ride for as long as I want even with 2 people in the boat (longest I went was almost 5 miles). Speed we set to 10.5

For wakeboarding, all that weight isn't needed for learning but once you can ride it sure is fun. We ride between 21.7 and 23 depending on whether we are tring new tricks or not. I have ton of videos online so you can c heck out the wake in any of them.

I have to admit I have gotten a bit bored of the surfing. I bought the boat with the intention to do both, but really, if its at all calm, we wakeboard. We surf as a LAST resort, often after fishing. I dunno, once you can ride without the rope and can do slashes and carves, I have just found it has gotten a bit boring. I mean there are 360's and little airs, but I will always prefer wakeboarding.

here is a scene from friday morning!